Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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A collection of subtle updates that enhance the party's clothing colors and textures.

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This is a subtle mod that enhances the colors and textures of the party's clothing. There are no major retextures or large modifications; rather, this is focused on improving the existing outfits to look better in-game while still matching the CGI scenes.

Removed the green tint from armor and pants
Increased the contrast on the armor to give it a more reflective/shiny effect
Slightly altered the blue/green color of the jewels in the armor as well as the side of the pants
Deepened the red color of the wasteband and the laces on the pants
Slightly smoothed out the patterns on the armor

Removed the dinginess of the shirt, making it more white
Increased the saturation and contrast in the vest
Removed the greenish tint from the pants, and gave them a more black, leathery texture
Added bronze accents to the belt

Made the metal armor pieces and buckles more silvery in appearance, and made them slightly more shiny.
Deepened the red of the vest
Whitened the shirt under the vest
Deepened the green accent pieces
Increased the saturation of the leather straps and other brown areas

Increased the black level of the armor
Increased the white level of the veil
Added subtle leather texture to corset and arm sleeve
Deepened the red of the stripes on the arm sleeve

Removed the yellowish tint from the armor, replacing it with a more shiny golden color
Whitened the shirt and upper boots, as well as the belt around the skirt
Deepened the purple/red of the skirt and boots
Removed the bluish tint from the collar and Whatever that thing is
Added additional texture to make waste garment look more like something someone would actually wear
Slightly darkened the jewels in the necklace

Removed the yellowish tint from the white undershirt
Slightly deepened the color of the yellow areas
Slightly deepened the color of the brown areas
Added subtle leather texture to both the yellow and brown areas
Increased the blue tint of the main area, and added a subtle cloth texture
Whitened the strap across the chest
Made the buckles slightly more shiny

v2.0 and later
Download using Vortex (select the Mod Manager Download option from the Files page, or the Vortex button below the cover image). The installer will walk through the various options.

v1.0.8 and earlier
Unzip the file and use DrakLab to inject. 
Instructions on how to use DrakLab can be found here.

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!