Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
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  1. TitoWeber
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    To anyone looking to make use of this effect but has mods installed that also revamp the game and use the battle_pack.bin file (which this mod WILL overwrite) check out the tutorials in the Battlepack Cheat Engine editor under the The Insurgent's Toolkit mod here on the Nexus.
    What you'll want to do is open that Cheat Table, FOLLOW THE DAMN STEPS on the TOOLKIT'S ARTICLE SECTION

    You'll be messing with Section 15 of the battlepack, which is where status effects are at. It'll start with the first two lines having the "KO" paramater in the Value Tab. The first one, if you click it, will have a dropdown of all status effects; Like the ARTICLE will say, all other values should be numbers and not "??" if you followed it correctly. The second parameter is literally just the parameter name statement. What you want is go over to "Duration" and extend that over to 240. I wouldn't recommend typing anything above 250 or 255, idk how bytes work and wouldn't want to risk it, 4minutes is MORE than enough for a buff.
    Change each buff/status effect you want, uncheck all boxes just to be safe, go to EXPORT, don't change the file name. Download THIS mod here, delete the battle_pack.bin at the very end of the folders, create a FOLDER called battle_pack.bin.dir and put your section_15.bin file inside it. Transform your ps2_data original first folder into a rar or zip file, open VORTEX and drag&drop it, followed by install and deploy. There. Its done. If you want to check out its working, pick an early-game buff like Libra and make it 4 seconds to see if you did everything correctly.

    Have fun!
    1. deleted88382893
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  2. Gotham10
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    lo pongo en el draklab y los bufos duran lo mismo que antes , uso libra al mismo tiempo eue coraza y no dura lo mismo.saludos
  3. AriothSK
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    To give an alternative to TitoWeber's answer, if you want to use another mod that also uses battle_pack.bin you can just extract the already altered section 15 out of the Longer Buffs mod and use it by itself. Look at this guide:

    The steps I used are the ones listed under the "Alternative:" heading. I downloaded the FF12-Pack Tool talked about in the guide (VBF Browser is not needed), used that to unpack the Longer Buffs mod, and then followed the steps from the guide to use the section_015.bin from Longer Buffs by itself.

    Rather than create my own archive/mod and install it using Vortex I instead used Vortex to install the original version of Longer Buffs. I then used Vortex to open the mod location with the "Open in File Manager" command, navigated to the deepest folder of the mod (named binaryfile), deleted "battle_pack.bin" (or copy it for unpacking if you still need it), created the folder named "battle_pack.bin.dir", and then put section_015.bin inside that folder.

    After that I deployed the mods from Vortex again and Longer Buffs, which had been broken by another mod, started working. I assume as long as no other mod is changing section_015.bin this method should work. Vortex doesn't even consider the mods to be in conflict anymore. I checked the "Manage Rules" tab and neither mod is there now.
    1. TitoWeber
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      Thanks, I might be trying other mods in the future, and will probably try your method rather than mine!
    2. MathMP
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      I've tried everything but couldn't unpack the battle_pack.bin from longer Buffs mod, just followed your steps and from the article but when clicking to unpack the prompt doesn't extract the sections, any help?
  4. deleted81679508
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    Hello, how did you made the buffs last longer ? When I'm editing the battlepack, I don't see any "duration" or thing like this.

    Playing on FR, that's also why I'd like to make my own
    1. TitoWeber
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      Check my reply above yours here on this mod's posts. I found out how to do it, or maybe the Battlepack got updated! There's definetely a duration part, but you might have been looking at one of the 3 other sections with status effect options!
  5. junktabot
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    This doesn't seem to be working for me. My mod order in DrakLab is 1. No Starting Licenses, 2. Less BS, and 3. Longer Buff Durations. Buffs such as Protect and Shell only last for 90 seconds (on characters that do not possess the Spellbound license). Does this mod conflict with Less BS? Should I change the load order?

    *edit - Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I didn't click the green check in DrakLab.
  6. bigolpanda
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    Does anyone happen to know if this mod will work in conjuction with the Less BS Mod for the game found here

    When I tried to load both mods in draklab it said something about overwriting files so I wasnt sure
  7. deleted71337698
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    Im a German dude and i have FF12 TZA (PC/Steam) testet it in German and English, and it does not work in both Languages.

    Installed with Dark Lab and Mod is activated.


    - Edit -
    What did i do:
    - Download Dark Lab
    - Open Dark Lab
    - OPEN VBF (FFXII_TZA.vbf (in game folder))
    - ADD MOD
    - Apply Changes
    - Start Game
    - Buff Decoy
    - Decoy duration ends about after ?20 seconds.
    - Same with other Buffs = Normal Duration

    1. deleted71307818
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      Only for English and Japanese languages.
  8. MrGianni89
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    Can I download it with vortex?
  9. RyuTamashii
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    let me guess it only works with the us version.
  10. betovsk
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    Man doing god's work, blessed mod