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This mod gives Montblanc in Clan Centurio's Guild Hall a few new dialog options. If you need, he will offer you some gold, items, equipment, magics, technics and more. Also, he will let you experience a true new game plus, allowing you to keep all your character stats and items. Since 1.0.4 patch, license reset code is removed (game has its own).

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Generous Montblanc with true New Game Plus and Job Reset

Hi folks. I've been working on a game's virtual machine script decompiler/compiler. This mod is a result of some tests. TBH it's just a Proof of Concept. But hey, who said POC cannot be useful, right?

Please note, that this mod changes only English/US files, so if you're using any other language, you'll have to change it to English to see anything.

This mod does four things:
  1. Skips Square-Enix logo and autosave warning, then goes right into title menu (so it saves a LOT of time when you're testing stuff and launching game over and over, like I do). If you don't want to install this part, just remove ttl_a01.ebp from "data\ps2data\plan_master\us\plan_map\ttl_a\ttl_a01\global".
  2. Gives Montblanc in Clan Centurio's Clann Hall in Rabanastre a few new dialog options, namely (it's basically an in game cheat, but it's optional and depends on your choice):
  3. - you can ask him to give you 1k, 10k and 1M GIL
    - you can ask him to give you all usable items, all equipment, all magics, all technics, all gambits, all espers, all key items.
  4. Gives Montblanc an option to start a TRUE New Game Plus for you. You'll keep all your items, equipment, stats, bestiary, hunts, etc. Basically, you start the story from the earliest possible point (just after tutorial/intro - starting earlier will make your stats reset anyway, when you reach this point).
  5. note, that I had to manually reset a lot of global flags to prevent locks during some quests/main story (the earliest being sunstones in Giza Plains). I think I've got it all covered, but if you find anything, just let me know, and I'll try to fix it.
  6. Gives Montblanc an option to reset your license boards, allowing you too choose new ones and start from scratch. All basic licenses are properly reset. Now LPs will also be refunded and items properly unequipped.

Version log:

  • compatibility with 1.0.4 patch

Basically license reset code was removed and reset functions present in the new patch are used. This means from now on all this mod does, is adding some cheats and "true new game plus". Glad I could deliver you the reset possibility before the devs finally decided to do it officially. It's been fun ;).

  • new compiler used, fixing potential issues (none observed)
  • files much smaller in size

  • Fixed reversed phoenix lore licenses (if you had only one of them, you would either loose or gain 60LP during job reset - thanks to dropletsoflight for pointing at the issue).
  • (I Checked all other licenses and I'm quite sure everything else is fine now).
  • Shadestones/sunstones are now removed from inventory on new game plus.
  • Replaced vbf patcher with a slightly older version. The new one had a bug that could result in VBF files corruption in rare circumstances
  • Improved guest and party member removal during new game plus (if this option is selected).

  • All items are now properly unequipped after job reset.
  • Item usage count is fixed after unequipping items.
  • Lite version added (without cheats).

  • LPs are now refunded.
  • All espers and mists are being reset properly now.
  • Cursor is reset to essentials.

If anyone is interested, here is mod's source code for v1.3. Note that it looks ugly at times, because the VM does have many limits and restrictions. I probably won't be able to make a workaround for all of them in my decompiler/compiler. Generally speaking, this mod is just a test for various stuff I add to the compiler :D

  • Montblanc will now give you an option to reset your jobs. You will be able to choose both boards. All licenses will be reset and only basic commands will be active. Please note, that LPs spent on licenses will not be refunded.

  • Montblanc will now ask you whether you want to reset all hunts. If you choose not to, all progress will be kept.
  • Montblanc will now ask you whether you want to remove all the party members from your team. Please note, that even if you choose to keep your team, everyone besides Vaan will be locked to prevent cutscene animation issues. You'll be able to setup your team freely once you reach gambit tutorial and get access to party menu.
  • Fixed an issue with not all mimics giving back charge in Barheim Passage.
  • Fixed some flags for new game plus. Preventing potential issues with some quests blocking.

  • first version

License board reset

Cheats and new game plus

  1. Place the "patch" folder in your game's data directory (where FFXII_TZA.vbf is).
  2. Run install.bat in "patch" directory. If anything is wrong, it will show an appropriate message.

  1. Just run remove.bat in "patch" directory.

Compatibility with other mods:
  • As long as a mod doesn't change these two files (ttl_a01.ebp and rbn_a14.ebp), mods will be compatible.
  • Please note, though, that it's probably best to install this mod last if you want to have multiple active. Many mods replace filesizetable_us.fst file, which will result in my mod to break. On the other hand, my mod doesn't replace the table, it just patches right values in, so previously installed mods shouldn't matter.

Planned features:
  1. Teleport location reset on NG+ (to prevent potential issues with game progress if you teleport to a place you were not supposed to).