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Makes changes to the general horror soundscape for a more ominous and subtle atmospheric feel. Removing jarring things that pull you out of the atmosphere, and making it more about creepy ambience and environmental sfx. Heavily inspired by Condemned: Criminal Origins. No longer requires complete edition.

Permissions and credits
The aim of this mod is to better retain the horror atmosphere of F.E.A.R in a simple way. Making it more about creepy ambience and environmental sfx, and replacing/removing things that jarringly interrupt the game's well crafted horror ambience. If you've played Monolith's other excellent horror game: Condemned: Criminal Origins, the type of well balanced horror tone from that game is very similar to what this mod is going for. **

- All 'action heavy' combat music has been either replaced with a more atmospheric ambient track or silenced completely. To me, combat feels more visceral and 'real' without thumping music in the background. Plus sudden action music is jarring and really pulls you out of the horror atmosphere IMO.

- Many campaign music events have had changes like above. (see bottom of description for some examples with obvious spoilers)

- A few slight changes to background ambience, but for the most part it is left unchanged.

- All cheesy horror music accent stabs removed except for a few ones related to Alma.

- (V2) Several new custom mixed tracks using original FEAR ambience.

- (V2) More campaign music events changed/revamped.

- (V2) More combat music changes.

- (V2.1) No longer requires complete mod. Works with any mod that does not alter music and ambience.
- I wanted to keep this as vanilla as possible. The only things non vanilla used are a few unused/lesser used tracks from Condemned, which are usually mixed with a bit of FEAR. These tracks are selected because they fit FEAR's ambience style.


Tip: Sometimes when you pause and return to the game or activate the 'talk' key (default T), the environmental ambience sfx will stop playing. This is nothing to do with the mod (this mod makes changes to music files, not sfx) and has been an engine kink since the game's release. To fix this, simply quicksave and reload.

**This mod is for the base game, not the dlcs.

It's very important to follow these following installation steps properly, or the mod will not work.

1) Navigate to the main folder you have F.E.A.R. installed to.

2) Extract ImmersiveMusicUsage.Arch00 to that location.

3) In that same location, open up 'Default.archcfg' with a text editor, and add the following line at the bottom: ImmersiveMusicUsage.Arch00
    Save and close the file.

4) Right click on 'Default.archcfg', then go into 'Properties' check 'Read-only.' Press 'apply' and 'ok.'

F.E.A.R. Complete Edition Installation

Same as vanilla, except in step 1 you go to your FEARCE install folder, not your base game folder.

Good headphones are highly recommended to get the full experience.


Campaign Music Event Examples:


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