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Ever wanted to see what sort of ship you could put together using only the equipment found on vanilla starting ships? Well I did, so I made this.

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Finally fixed after nearly 4 years! Updated May 19, 2022, all Drone Schematic purchases finally give the correct ones.

- All ships stripped down to only Piloting, Engines, Oxygen and Doors (all at level one) with a single crew member. Note: Federation Cruisers still have Artillery Weapons.
- Get 953 Scrap at start to build your ship with.
- Interface with the Space Station to use any* item/crew from vanilla starting ships to equip your ship. (*Note: Does not include Artillery Weapons or the Crystal Vengeance Augment!)
-The original Civilian Start Beacon, which was commented out in the game files, has been finished and added back to the game. This means the generic start beacon for the beginning of the game now happens only at the start and not at each new civilian sector (so the Space Station only happens once).
- Space Station image showcases my poor artistic ability!

I think sul's Ship Customizer is great, but it is a major cheat. Being able to get absolutely anything in the game for free, and even force extra systems onto your ship, is too over-powered. I like having a ship that I have to build up over time. Starting the game with a Flagship-crushing ship takes a lot of the fun out of it for me. But I've often wished that I could rearrange some things between ships without being too OP. That's what I've tried to implement here.
Every ship has been stripped of almost everything, and you start at a Space Station where you can purchase any item or Crewmember that was on one of the vanilla ships, even if it is still locked. I know of no method to have the XML check to see if the ship has been unlocked or not (because I doubt it can be done), so that could be considered cheaty. But you are restricted to only items and crew available in the vanilla starting ships, and you can't just load up on everything for free. You are given 953 scrap (the overall average value of every ship), and things cost what they would at any regular store. Be smart about how you spend, or you could be in trouble! Except for Shields, which start at level two, all systems start at level one when purchased, and your reactor only begins with two levels!

All ships have been stripped down to Piloting, Engines, Oxygen and Doors, all at level one, with only one crew member. Kestral, Federation and Stealth Cruisers each have a human crewmember ("you"), while race-specific ships have one member of that race.

Yeah, my Space Station kinda sucks. I can't art. Sorry.

This is the main menu. Making a purchase or selecting "See what else is available for your ship" from any menu will bring you back to this. Once you select the leave option, it's gone for good!

One of the stores in the Space Station, Honest Ollie's Weapons. You might get it if your old like me. Any weapon (excluding Artillery Beam and Flak Artillery from the Federation Cruisers) on any ship in the vanilla hangar can be purchased. Keep in mind, though, that buying a Weapon System is required, and every system except shields starts at level one!

One possibility for equipping the Kestral. It is possible to make identical-to-vanilla ships in some cases and have lots of extra scrap (Kestral A). However, there are cases where you just don't have enough scrap to make a vanilla ship (Mantis B comes to mind).