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FTL Homeworld lets you manage save files and trade items between saves.

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FTL Homeworld lets you manage save files and trade items between saves. FTL Homeworld is now compatible with Advanced Edition.

-Spacedock is a save manager that allows you to switch between ships by boarding or docking them. This means that if you're halfway through a playthrough with the Kestrel and you feel like playing with your Mantis Cruiser, you can dock the Kestrel and board your Mantis Cruiser, without having to beat the game with the Kestrel or die trying. After selecting a ship, you can press the "Launch FTL" button to launch the game. At any time, save and exit the game, click FTL Homeworld's "Refresh" button to see your updated ship files, and pick a new ship to play with by docking/boarding ships. :D

-CargoBay allows you to trade items between ships as well as store them in the spacedock's cargo bay for safe keeping! Got a bunch of extra items and scrap you won't use because you're at the boss fight? Store them for use later, or give them to another ship that could use them!

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Sourcecode on Github

Unzip the file, then double click the jar file or bat file (pc).

This program used to rely on FTL Profile editor, but as of v2.0 it has absorbed the code it relied on. It is now a standalone program that can be installed anywhere. FTL Homeworld will look for your saves folder, as well as your data.dat file as it uses both of these to operate. As of v2.0 if also now creates/uses a Homeworld.sav file to keep track of items stored in the Cargo Bay. As of v3.0 if also now creates/uses a HomeworldAE.sav file to keep track of AE items stored in the Cargo Bay. If you don't have a Homeworld.sav, it will create a blank one for you. :)
FTL Homeworld also creates a "ftl-homeworld.cfg" file to keep track of data paths so that you don't have to tell it where to find your data/saves every time.

If you're having trouble. Try running it by double clicking the bat file it came with (v3.0 and up) and posting the contents of the command window that pops up when it runs. :)

v3.0: AE Support

v2.1: Space dock: Click a ship's picture and get a summary report on that ship so you can decide if you want to play with it or not
Cargo Bay:
-Cargo items (drones, weapons, and augments) now list their count, so it's easy to stay organized (Ex: "Hull Laser x2"
-Crew members have an info button that when pressed, brings up a report on their service.
-You can now trade missile and drone parts between ships

v2.0: Cargobay Initial Release

v1.2: Should be totally separate from FTL Profile Editor. You *Should* be able to run FTL Homeworld from any directory without needing any other files.

v1.1: Renamed to FTL Homeworld, added buttons to refresh the ship list, select save folders, and to launch FTL. Fixes by Lologarithm as well as added compatibility for mac / Linux and automated guessing of resources. Special thanks to Lologarithm and KartoFlane for helping me with this update. :D

v1.0: (Called FTL Spacedock) - initial release, thanks to ComaToes and especially Vhati for helping me with this release.

I've had a wonderful model (in FTL Editor) and gotten some great help from Vhati, KartoFlane, and Lologarithm. But since this is my FIRST java program, I feel it's only fair to warn you to use this at your own risk, as who knows what I could have done wrong/ left out that could cause something bad to happen. So use at your own risk, and I'll happily hear any bug reports you have! (Do note that 1.1 is more stable, though who knows what I'm still missing).

Is this cheating?
-Spacedock: FTL is a rogue like, which means no saving and loading. But this doesn't violate that idea. When you board a ship, you will lose it if you die just like before. This merely lets you have multiple ships/ progress going on at the same time. :)
-Cargobay: This removes an element of the rogue like, in that a full ship that wouldn't be able to use items can now give them to a starter ship, giving that ship an advantage from the beginning. This could unbalance the game, depending on how you use it. I plan to use this with the Infinite Space mod/ after I'm satisfied with beating the boss. The second unbalanced factor of the Cargobay is that in theory you could repeatedly create new ships, store all of their supplies in the cargo bay, and then offload them to new ships / have infinite scrap. Honestly though, it'd be a lot easier to use FTL Profile Editor to just edit your ship's scrap value, so I don't think this adds any new novel cheating opportunities. My end goal is to make a program that let's you build ships from the supplies you've collected and offloaded into the cargobay. This way, you could play and have to build your own ships instead of getting free ones from the Fed.

As I've worked on my first Java program, I have been hugely blessed by a number of people who have helped me and encouraged me by providing answers to questions I was stuck with, as well as provided me with solid resources. I've been very encouraged by their constructive criticism and really appreciate what they've done!

Credit to for their huge bank of Star Trek ship schematics. I used/modified a space station schematic for use in the background of my spacedock.

Credit to by Vhati and ComaToes for their FTLEditor and allowing me to use their source. FTL Editor found here: I've modeled much of my program after their FTL Editor, as well as copied/modified chunks of its code. Anything that reads or writes savegame data was either inspired by, copied from, or depends on FTL Editor (I removed the jar dependency by coping over huge chunks of their code). I'm especially indebted to Vhati who gave me permission to use the code as well as answered my questions as I worked through my first java program. He's been an invaluable resource.

Credit to Lologarithm for patching up a lot of holes in FTL Spacedock V1.0. He removed a number of crashes if things weren't just so, added mac/linux support, and added save finder functions that allow you to run the jar from wherever, instead of having to run it from your saves folder. Thank you!

Credit to KartoFlane, author of Superluminal, who has given me advice on better organizing my code, answered my questions as I worked through improving Spacedock, and provided me with part of his code to allow me to launch FTL from the program. His advice has been much appreciated. Thank you!

If you're interested in more of my work, check out my facebook page by clicking the logo in my signature. I make mods for Skyrim, games with Unity, and am working on getting experience in Java.
Or check out my FTL general dev thread!