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MR Collection for Small Farms & Vintage Players

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MR Collection for Small Farms & Vintage Players

This Collection was designed for small Farms and Vintage players that prefer the More Realistic Mod. The Collection has three parts: Attached, Motorized and Trailed. I used well known free models (mainly from Giants) and collected all i could find about MR. To beginn i deleted various scripts and extras to avoid conflicts, and added first MR. All are logfree and set to the historic data i could find, still some random settings. Also added some extras to enjoy! I have not played in MP, so if you can´t or have any kind of problems, please report to the Support Topic! Any kind of comment is welcome! Have Fun!

Each Collection has to be unzipped and the inserted zip´s to your mods folder. The .zip names of previous versions have not changed, so you can continue your savegame.

General Changings:
More Realistic, historic data settings, cleaned describtion

Specified Changings:
Dynamic exhaust to all motorized (by modelleicher for MR)
Farmer texture to all motorized (by kaosknite)
Gueldner texture green/used (by Kwazulu)
DustWheels (by fruktor) to combines and trailer, tractors are to small exept Schlueter1500. included in my Map Green Ironhorse Farm
ChoppedStrawSpec to combines (by Templaer) included in my Map Green Ironhorse Farm
Waltons honk to all motorized exept Schlueter1500 (by Flintenwiesel)
Engine sounds to LindnerBF450 (now 3Zyl DeutzD40, by LudmillaPower)
AI (helper) set for narrow field ends with attached tools (not trailed)
Reduced threshing loss to 1%, Vintage players dont want to buy a new
Minor reduced flowspeed of sprayers and spreaders, corrected working speed to force slower driving
I tryed to build a SupportTrailer for several uses, but cant get the scripts changed, so i made two:
Changed Graintrailer to SeedTrailer with SeedTrailer.lua (by Xentro) and static models
Changed Graintrailer to SupportTrailer with SprayTankerTrigger.lua (by Xentro), Watertrailer and several static models 

In this collection: Trailed

ANNA Z644 potato havester: DustWheels
EmslandGO: DustWheels, copy of Dural´s Emsland xml for equal behavior
KroneOptimat manure spreader: DustWheels, reduced usage and max speed
KroneTurbo loader wagon: DustWheels
OldGrainTrailer: DustWheels, added silageplane, reduced capacity
OldSlurryTank: DustWheels
OldWaterTrailer: DustWheels
SeedTrailer: DustWheels, SeedTrailer.lua, added static models (deleted collision)
SupportTrailer: DustWheels, Spraytanker.lua, Watertrailer, added static models (deleted collision)
TMT-Milchkannenwagen: DustWheels, copy of Dural´s Emsland xml for equal behavior

This Mod and all my other Mod´s are NOT FREE for uploading.
I (DAT66/realisticpunk) have released these Mod´s just on FS-UK, Modhoster & Nexusmods for Direct Download!
Respect the Modders Scene and don´t Support Any Questionable Sites!
Thanks for your Attention and Loyalty.

Have Fun
realisticpunk 12/2016