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NPC Weapons balanced for gameplay

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This preset I made for myself after some time of playing, in order to balance gameplay and have variety at the same time.
  Assaulter : M16A4 (44MAG S)
  Defender : Custom AR-C (44MAG S)
  Sniper : .308 Vietnam (44MAG S)
  Pistolero : 44MAG S
  Berserker : M133 (44MAG S)
  HeavyGunner : M60
  Rocket : RPG-7 Vietnam (44MAG S)
  Assaulter Follower : MP34 (P08)
  Defender Follower : MP40 (P08)
  Assaulter Security : AK-47 Vietnam (1911 Vietnam)
  Defender Security : Custom AR-C (1911 Vietnam)
  Sniper Follower : SVD (P08)
  Sniper Security : Custom AR-CL (1911 Vietnam)
  Pistolero Follower : P08
  Pistolero Security : 1911 Vietnam
  Berserker Follower : SBS (P08)
  Berserker Security : M133-M (1911 Vietnam)
  HeavyGunner : MG42
  Rocket : RPG-7 Vietnam (1911 Vietnam)
  Chosen : AK-47 Vietnam (D50)
  Baptist: AK-47 Vietnam (D50)

Requires Resistance Mod.
Drop file to Resistance Mod's ModifiedFiles file.
Enable it from the manager. (find NPC Weapons Balanced)