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A couple of beards, hairstyles and natural colors for the player character.

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What is this mod?
In the Files tab you can find a couple of mods that change hairs and/or add facial hair to the player Deputy. I was disappointed that there was no red haircolor on default, this mod changes that too if you want to.

List of currently available options (will update as I add more):
- 4 new natural hair colors (Light blonde, light red, dark brown and red) They replace the vivid Live Event colors.
- 11 new hairstyles for the female Deputy and 6 for male Deputy (they work with all hair colors, replace the mullet hairstyle because I don't think any important NPC uses this apart from the cult priestress and some random NPCs)
- 5 beard styles for male Deputies (also shows on females tho, only one can be active at a time, they are Joseph, John and Jacob's styles from New Dawn) Replace Headwear> Flamebearer.

If you want any other beard styles from the game let me know and I can probably make them available. Same applies to hairs and colors.

How to get started:
This mod requires the Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod! Just extract the downloaded files into the 'ModifiedFiles' folder when you got it, then activate them. They are in a category called 'Character Appearance'.

The mods have requirements in terms of unlocks. Use the "Unlock All" package that comes with the Resistance mod!

Hair colors need Zombie DLC colors (items also unlock with said package)
Beards need Headwear> Flamebearer mask (was in live event, use package in order to unlock it now)

Huge Thanks to:
ArmanIII and RtroActiv for Resistance Mod and package creation tutorials
Padme4000 for making me aware the mod got an update