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Adjusts the Resistance Point (RP) awards to allow the player more control over how the story proceeds (and prevent missed quests). Enables some enemy spawns to continue after all regions are liberated. Also includes some minor QoL improvements.

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NOTE: THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK WITH A PIRATED COPY OF THE GAME. It will crash your game. Buy the game!

"And I saw, behold it was a white raven... and hell followed with him."

So many community members have cried out against Far Cry 5's unusual core game decisions. This mod attempts to address some of them.

Notably this mod changes two major things:

* Alters the flow of Resistance Points (RP) which are awarded as the player moves around the world. In the base game it's FAR too easy to push the resistance bar forward just from freeing hostages and fighting cultists (before you even liberate any outposts or do any story missions). These adjustments will allow you a lot more leeway in just running around the regions doing whatever you feel like until you are ready to move the story forward. 

Specifically RP rewards for fighting the cult are about 1/10th what they previously were. Killing VIP cultists, freeing hostages, blowing up convoy trucks, etc. will net you between 5 - 20 RP per act. Destroying large cult property such as silos or shrines rewards 100 RP and liberating Outposts rewards 400 RP (this is unchanged). Side quests only provide 25-50 RP each. Main story missions rewards are unchanged.

To fully liberate a region you will need to defeat all the outposts, do all of the main story missions and either destroy all of the silos/shrines/etc OR do all of the side missions and grind one helluva lotta cultists ;)

You should be able to safely play for hours and hours on end in each region without significantly affecting any missions until you are ready to take them on.

* Enables enemy spawns after liberating regions - The game became an empty void after clearing all the regions. This should help in keeping it from being totally free of peggies.

In addition there is a version of the mod which adds the following extra changes:

* Removes the startup videos - You still have to click through the epilepsy warning, etc.

* Improved Bonus for Undetected Outpost Takeover - Liberating an Outpost undetected awards you an additional $1,000 in cash ($2,000 instead of $1,000) AND gives you +1 perk point. There are a very limited amount of outposts and this is both a better incentive for liberating undetected as well as offers a variant perk path you can take if you don't enjoy fishing, hunting, using GFH to get kills, etc. It's a minor boots at best, but I think it's a much better reward than $1000 (which in this game is pretty paltry and you can easily earn that much in 5-10 minutes of play)

* Faster Parachute Deployment - Reduces the time you have to hold the parachute key down to nearly instant. The initial parachute deployment was often delayed by that dman 1 second of holding the key down and was easy to be killed if you weren't sufficiently high enough in the air. You can deploy the parachute from the wingsuit with no delay, but you have this big delay when not using the wingsuit? It just seemed odd. Realistic or not faceplants aren't fun :P

* Restores Altered Menu Background after completing the game - Changes the "special menu" background you get for completing the bad ending back to the original menu background. 
It was interesting for the first 5 minutes of seeing it and then it just serves to remind you of how awful that ending is (and it makes absolutely no sense because the game does not reflect what you see in that screen anyway... the game still carries on as though everything is normal so it's especially strange and jarring to look at each time you load the game)

NOT FIXED - Sorry but this mod will not be able to change the many (so many) times you get captured over the course of the game nor either of those incredible and well thought out endings. That's something that Ubi would have to address directly.

Installation is pretty straightforward - just find your Far Cry 5 directory and backup the patch.dat and patch.fat files in there and replace them with these files.

Each time Ubi updates the game the patch will be overwritten and I will likely have to update the mod. The current beta test version contains the Title Update 6 patch files which at the time of this post are the most current udates.