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This Editor Mod for Far Cry 4 adds new objects to the editor. Maps created with this mod should also play fine on systems where the editormod is not installed.
To install: extract to your game folder, overwriting files.

Delete the files data_win32\patch_chn.dat/patch_chn.fat if they exist, else it won't work.

Permissions and credits
-MORE terrain textures
-MORE vegetation/collection
-MORE Water textures
-MORE Environmental Light & Sound options
-MORE objects:
  * Unused objects from FC4, some from FC3
  * Retextured copies of existing objects
  * "Generic" objects ("GENERIC0##"): Floor/Sign/Pipes retextured with hundreds of textures.
  * "Invisible" blockers (like FC5's invisible walls)
  * Silenced Seekers
  * Lighting volumes effects
  * New Objective Markers
  * Some new decals
  * Tree objects
  * Particle effects
  * Soundpoints
  * Every available 3D model as nonblocking asset
-MORE weapons, signature weapons (including Harpoon gun)
-Optional respawning weapons, made static to help you place them better
-MORE ally options, FC4 equivalents of Grace, Nick and Boomer the Dog.
-MORE enemy options, including silent Cultist enemies and a Blackhawk reinforcement
-MORE Animation points
-MORE wave objects, including animals and rebel vehicle reinforcements.
-MORE Roads textures to choose, including simulated 'rivers'.
-DECREASED objectcost of objects to avoid getting budget nags. :)

Note that there are too many objects for me to test. So you will have to see for yourself if they work properly. Some Animation Points for example act strangely, some AI lack the animations required to support them. They'll just freeze in place.