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Kyrat just became a whole lot more dangerous.

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A new version has been released that completely rewrote the old sloppy modifications and merged this mod. If any issues persist, please report them.

If you're like me, you enjoy the open world action of the Far Cry franchise. It's hard not to.
But where most people prefer the late-game overpoweredness where guns go blazing every second, some people like me prefer the early-game experience when you know you're at the bottom of the food chain and don't stand the slightest chance against large groups of enemies.

I know that latter group of people is in the vast minority there, but if you're like me then this mod might just be for you:

The Far Cry 4 Hardcore Survival Mod

Where every second puts your life at risk. Where every missed bullet is a luxury you can't afford.

This mod drastically overhauls the ammo price and pickup frequency throughout Kyrat. No more walking up to a sherpa every 20 minutes to mindlessly click that "Refill ammo" button without really checking the price since you know you can afford it easily anyway.

Full list of changes:

  • Every non-signature weapon takes twice as long to reload and draw/holster.
    You're Ajay Ghale, not some royal guard veteran. As troubled as your past may be, you can't possibly be expected to know how every gun works, right? Ajay now struggles with reloading every gun. Prepare to get rekt if you try an assault without taking off a few enemies by stealth first.
  • Ammo prices have been multiplied by 4000%!
    Scavenge for ammo often instead of relying on frequent shop visits. (to put this into perspective, with a fully upgraded wallet you can BARELY afford 1 RPG rocket)
  • Speaking of ammo scavenging, dropped weapons no longer net any ammo.
    Small ammo pickups only give you 1 extra bullet for pistols, SMG's, Assault Rifles and LMG's. Same for explosive ammo pickups. (only a little bit of flamethrower fuel, 0 RPG's, etc)
  • Hunting Bow now fires (slightly) faster than the Recurve Bow.
    It's a tiny difference but it ensures the former isn't rendered entirely obsolete 10 minutes into the game.
  • NPC's almost never have any spare ammo on them.
    Weapons dropped on the floor or found lying on a table come with NO ammunition. Furthermore, looting dead soldiers or NPC's almost never rewards you with ammo. You'd be lucky to get 1 pistol bullet out of strip searching a group of corpses.

To experience this mod to the fullest it's important to keep the game as challenging and immersive as possible. I highly recommend turning off most of the HUD (except maybe the ammo counter), playing the game on HARD difficulty and not using any signature weapons (I've deliberately left them unchanged for players that need a little help).


  • Rewrite
  • Merged with "Unlock Shangri-La bow" mod

  • Drastically reduced filesize (2GB -> 60MB)