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Poor Jason. Poor bastUrd. NEW GAME REQUIRED! Farc Cry 3 Poor Basturd Mod(PBU) is a major gameplay overhaul improving depth of gameplay with adding some \"realistic\" part making game even more challenging and immersing, while keeping original game balance. PBU includes 3 individual cores listed over 200 well thought and fully tested edits most p

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Far Cry 3 Poor Basturd Mod(PBU) is a major gameplay overhaul improving depth of gameplay with adding some "realistic" part making game even more challenging and immersing, while keeping original game balance. PBU includes 3 individual cores listed over 200 well thought and fully tested edits most part of which if absolutely know-how of mine. So if you're finding some of these features in other mods, just you know - they're permitted by me.


200HC is out. Check the changelog because there's a bunch of edits i cannot describe in the short file description


any present russians who's too dumb to make a register on the NEXUS - feel free to using RGHOST mirrors both for Harcore and Casual versions.


I won't revert hardcore (H) build into the casual (C) one inbefore I finished fixing all bugs in the last stable build. That's why hardcore is coming a bit more often.

But as change, casuals are as most stable as it possible atm.


first craft quest requires 3x2 green leaves and 4 boar skins!!! So keep it in mind then you go there and collect at least 3 leaves (better'll be 6 of course)

Main parts of mod are now available as separate downloadable parts.
This is for someone who wants just part of the mod and not all this stuff.
Will upload it due to requests.

[size="5"]Install part:[/size]
1. Make backup copy of your patch.dat and patch.fat files in your far cry 3/data_win32 folder and place them somwwhere where you wil be able to restore it if you'd like to.
2. Unpack archive in the game folder (eg place new patch.dat and patch.fat files into the "data_win32" folder)
3. Make both patch.dat and patch.fat read-only via right-click -> properties
4. Enjoy!

ZlobsMM core (realistic part):

1. Weapons and mods are available to buy from the start. No more gungifts from the towers
2. Increased all gears capacity, but rechange their addon order: the inital gear will gives you the most and all others just increasing that value. Wallet now able to contain about $25k.
3. Increased cost for all items: x1.5 for weapons, x2 for gears and amunition and x3 for maps
4. Recreated realistic movement style with sways, drifts and inertia. You can't make longjump from the place anymore, can't instant turn around during sprint and very possibly fall off the edge or ladder if you're trying took a running jump.
5. Restored original timeflow, now one ingame hour is fully equal one IRL hour
6. Increased mercs' and animals' spawn ratio and their encounter budget. Island is much more alive now.
7. Improved enemy's AI - they are much closer, faster and more sensitive than ever've been before.
8. Improved weapons behaviour. It has recoil now, deal much more damage and can penetrate thin walls.
9. Added some interesting side effect to all syringes and severity of side effects depends on the toxicity of the syringe (eg, the more "cheaty" syringe is the more funny effect you will gain. That's a dope y'know?)
10. All skills and recipes are available from the start and you choose what to do by yourself.
11. Removed tag ability for the scopes and ironsights. There's only camera option for tagging now. Can't completelyy remove it due to campaign requires.
12. Fixed looting animation for a ground loot
13. Decreased shotguns spread and divided summary damage to make them more realistic
14. Decreased gained ammo per pouch and made it more expensive
15. Disabled notifiers "press something to loot"
16. Added 2 new armors to the shop
17. Added 8 common syringes to the shop
18. Rearmed defenders with new guns. Famas wielders are now death machines!
19. Singificantly decreased ammo gain and initial ammo capacity
20. decreased climbing angle to make it more realistic, increased falling distance instead
21. revised "add health slot" bonuses to make it full circle after the last upgrade
22. twiced enemy outposts reinforcements and halved their incoming time
23. (testing) increased outpost defender squads about 25% each
24. re-enabled encounter randomizer from the campfire to roadblock. For the obvious reasons, rid of from there all heavies.
25. alter looting ammo and explosives: you can get any random amount of ammo or got nothing, fully random
26. removed owning weapons on pickup. Now you anyway should buy it to own. Picked guns are worse that shopped ones, has more recoil and less control because they're pretty old

• Included NeverEndv2 by Chorizosss and you can never end this war if you're willing to
• Included no-minimap mod (credits to R.Sporkington) and removed all icon from there
• Removed auto-reload and that dumb reload notification (thx Tom.Solo)

Advanced weapons mods (Gadget parts):

1. New zooming mechanism for optical and acog scope - switching between reddot x1 and as x8 scope with 1 mousewheel turn
2. All weapons has 3 mod slots and full spectre of their mods (except RPG)
3. Removed all blur during the scoping for all weapons.
4. Set all scopes to COD-like (a little scope in the middle of the screen) and changed reticles to brand new ones.
5. Added muzzle breaker to the shotguns and miniguns
6. rid off uncontrollable recoil. Now it's possible to "fight" against it...if you're know where to move your mouse
7. tuned scopes to match weapon they're installed - size, luminocity and directional recoil calm curves
8. added new interactive reticle for holo sight which is reacting on our target at the cqc. Pretty useful in cqc
9. changed 1887 from the shotgun stance to the hunting rifle stance - only one bullet shots per time
10. integer balanced damage formula for the weapons
11. increased reticle size for CQC type scopes and opticals
12. Added predator bow and type10 shotgun pistol
13. Added hollow point ammo for assault rifles
14. Added fmj ammo for assault rifles
15. Added specific class bonus on each attachment (eg, acog is reducing sway and muzzle break is cutting recoil, silencer is decreasing damage and range, etc)
Weapons mods list.
Pistols - silencer(improved), ACOG, optical sight, reddot, holosight, magazine upgrade and nightsight
Shotguns - silencer(improved), reddot, holosight, muzzle breaker, magazine upgrade and nightsight. ACOG for 1887
Assault rifles - silencer(improved), ACOG, optical sight (switchable high-power), reddot, holosight and magazine upgrade
SMG - silencer(improved), ACOG, optical sight, reddot, holosight and magazine upgrade
Machine guns - ACOG, optical sight, reddot, muzzle breaker, holosight and magazine upgrade
Sniper rifles - silencer(improved), high-power scope (x15 zoom), magazine upgrade and nightsight

[size="5"]And the last but not least...[/size]
AOL 1.2 - alternative outfits lite (graphic part).

1. Redressed all pirates and mercs to the new fashionable camo clothes! [/b]
2. Increased variability of pirate and merc available builds: about 120 possible sniper builds, about 240 possible assaulters, about 60 possible defenders skins and so on.
3. New postFX textures for pain, death, blood and choke stances
4. Restyled initial camo packs (wood and desert)to russian SURPAT and canam MARPAT
5. New lense textures
6. New dirt textures
7. All mercs are now using "jungle" skin for the weapons to be less noticeable
8. Blackened blades for all melee weapons
9. Restyled REWARD and WANTED posters, remake "rare" stamp to the "beware", etc
10. Cute new t-shirt for Jason! ?omes complete with camouflage pants
11. New skins for all weapons based on geometric vignettes.
12. New postFX for animal repellant, fireproof and detect wildlife syringes
13. New moon HD texture
14. New night sky HD texture
15. Repainted type10 shotgun pistol