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This save starts you at the first safehouse with everything unlocked and all guns/attachments/sprays unlocked. If you are using a bone stock version of the game, you won't be able to use the new island weapons at first, I recommend using Mud's Mod 5.2 to get everything at the start.

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This was made against the 1.05 RELOADED version of the game with Mud's Mod v5.2, as I couldn't get the current Steam version to work and it also keeps asking me to sign into Ubisoft every time to play it which is very annoying. The files go in C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46 and replace what is there.

You might want to also add these command parameters.

-skipintro //Skips the Ubisoft logo intro.

-offline //Disables the ERROR message when starting Far Cry 3 and removes the Multiplayer/Co-op options as they are useless anyway.

-affinity 4294967295 //Fixes the game not starting on CPUs with more than 32 cores.