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Adds Ray Tracing visual effect to Far Cry 3.

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This will add new visual special effects to Far Cry 3.

Effects added:
* Better Anti-Aliasing
* Ray Tracing Global Illumination
* Ray Traced Ambient Shadows
* Higher Shadows resolution
* Fix to Windows 10/11 crashes

1) Run Large Address Aware.exe and select "farcry3_d3d11.exe" (crash fix)
2) Install ReShade injector:
3) Install Pascal RTGI 0.36.1 shader (copy Shaders and Textures to reshade-shaders folder)
4) Copy RTX_FarCry3.ini to the game folder.
5) Copy GamerProfile.xml to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3
6) Set your resolution to GamerProfile.xml and make it READ ONLY.
7) Start up the game, open Reshade and select Add-ons and check "Copy depth buffer before clear operation".
8) Enjoy!

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