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Tired of walking at a normal human speed? Want to jump more than a couple inches? Want to go FAST? There is a first time for everything!

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Gives Jason Brody preternatural agility and speed. 

  • Doubled sprint speed 
  • Faster walk
  • Faster sneak
  • Faster swim
  • Higher jump
  • Climb up/down ladders/vines faster 
  • Climb steep inclines like a mountain goat
  • "Float like a butterfly, sting everyone multiple times from every possible direction"*
  • "No more limping through the jungle and getting your ass bitten off by a tiger"*

  • Let's you get out of the intended play area ("only if you decide to do so on purpose, no effect on regular gameplay"*)
  • Makes some agility based gameplay (radio towers etc.) a bit more tricky (easier to throw yourself off the tower etc.) 
  • Allows you to break the game in certain situations by moving past trigger zones before they activate (interactive cutscenes, scripted sequences etc.). If this happens to you, try going back a bit to hit the trigger you missed
  • Breaks immersion by being SO FAST ("Alters immersion by being SO BADASS"*)
  • Probably breaks other things (please report so we can at least warn people)

This mod is not intended for those interested in realism or who are on their first playthrough. On the other hand, cutting out all that boring slow walking and running is a great way to spice up later playthroughs and get to your favorite parts REAL FAST. 

For the love of Hurk, Wilis, and Zheng He, please back up your patch files before installing. Maybe back up your save(s) too. 

  • Make copies of, and or rename, your original patch.dat and patch.fat found in "Far Cry 3\data_win32\" 
  • Unpack the modded patch.dat and patch.fat into "Far Cry 3\data_win32\"
  • Good luck

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