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Some Keyboard maps changed,
Special = Enemy weapon pickups no longer make weapons owned in store

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- All weapons are unlocked at the start but you have to pay for them (note: towers will still give pop-ups saying you unlocked free weapons but you haven't)
- Silver dragon knife unlocked
- Increased enemy and animal spawn rate (Inakrin)
- Color Weapon icons
- Modified gear sizes to carry more, like -all ammo/arrow quiver/C4/Mines pouch sizes, loot bag, Wallet .etc
- Enemy weapon pickups no longer make weapons owned in-store [mod used: rebalanced] Goto: rebalanced\WEAPON CHANGES to know more
- Decreased damage dealt when shooting someone in the leg to half damage.
- Slightly increased radius of all explosives including hand grenades (except the AI explosives, they remain the same)
- Player sprint speed increased by 10 to 15% according to weapon weight
- Laser beams on enemy sniper rifles have been disabled (it made spotting snipers too easy)
- Some Red Sights of Weapons changed to Blue Color. (its easier to hunt NPCs and animals)


- Wingsuit unlocked at the start
- Recipes are still locked because after a few missions you have all
- All skills are unlocked at the start (Note: You still have to earn them, they're just unlocked)
- Double animal loot removed, instead- Increased the animal loot price x2.
 (NOTE:) Double animal loot includes in (raw files\Casual\nomadobjecttemplates.fcb)
- XPs will now start from 2000 to 3000 -Increased XP required for each skill point
 (NOTE:) Casual File includes in (raw files\Casual\nomadobjecttemplates.fcb)
- 2nd island unlocked at the start
- You can now craft explosive arrows using white leaves (because it sucks having to waste a grenade making them)
- Almost all animals added for crafting.
- Increased XP gained for unlocking a tower to 1000 to give you a reason to climb them (Casual Only)
- Unlocking a tower no longer unlock free weapons


- Crafting now requires the same ingredients for a section.
- Endorphin Boost unlocked from the start
- Endorphin Boost is available in the shop for $499

== Some Keyboard maps changed:

-Single Press or Hold: E for use.
-Deploy Wingsuit with Hold-Space (Just jump and don't release space until the wingsuit is deployed)
-Quick Load key: Hold F11 (before it was single press).
-Now you will not accidentally press F11 and lose your progress.
: (Tab) to Quick "Save Game".


- Store stats accurately reflect actual weapon stats
- Prices on almost every item are modified. Good guns are now more expensive, and animal hides are now worthwhile
- Accessory and body armor prices increased for more realism/difficulty
- Value of animal skins increased to make hunting more rewarding
- Towers no longer unlock weapons for free (notification to the contrary not removed, however)
- "All" signature Weapons are unlocked from start.
- Special weapons(bow) and Launchers(RPG) are in one Category.
- All annoying yellow icons removed from the menu and much more
- Animal repellant syringe is available in the shop for $200
- Endorphin Boost is available in the shop for $499


- Compass and minimap redesign
- Enemies removed from the minimap
- 1/2 original timescale (Inakrin)
- All abilities are available from the beginning, but must still be acquired with skill points (Jketiynu)
- All recipes craftable from the beginning
- Loot bag capacity increased from 96 to 144 items max
- Syringe capacity increased from 12 to 27 max.
- Startup Wallet increased from 1000 to 2500
- CatchingBreathTime decreased a little
- Faster looting of bodies (Inakrin)
- Wallet capacity increased to a maximum of 30000
- Enemy tagging removed (immersive sounds)
- Objects no longer blink (If used with immersive sounds)
- Objective Reminder removed
- SkillPoint Reminder removed
- Smarter berserker and charger AI behavior
- More variation in enemy appearance
- New camouflage for mercenaries, pirates, and rakyat
- Citra's red paint removed
- Some new animal skins added >> Water Buffalo skin color is now black brown {:mudsmod}


== Items in Raw Files.zip

- 2000xp and 3000xp startup [2 files]
- double animal loot disabled
- GamerProfile.xml
- craftingrecipe.lib all recipes unlocked file

Tool to edit patch file : 
Gibbed Dunia 2 Tools
How to combine FAR CRY 3 mods

CASUAL VERSION - enables minimap and minimap icons. (Tagging Enabled)
REGULAR VERSION - replaces the minimap with a simple compass, Minimap icons with (Tagging Disabled)
HARDCORE VERSION - Minimap disabled with compass, Enemy patrols still remain even after capturing outposts. (Tagging Disabled)



=== You can mix it with any mod or save game you like. not compatible with ziggy, or mods that require a new game plus.


Asian tapir 5                         Sumatran tiger 5
Cassowary 8                        Asian black bear 4
Dingo 5                                 Komodo dragon 4
Buffalo 3      Shark hide 4
Deer 4                                   Rabid dog 9
Goat 6                                   Boar 4
Pig  5                                     Leather 4
feathers 4



Copy and replace patch.dat and patch.fat from your chosen version
(Casual, Regular, Hardcore) into FC3 Installation Folder\data_win32
Overwrite when prompted (MAKE BACKUPS!)


This mod is not compatible with other mods that replace the patch file, and it should not be used when using multiplayer. I don't believe anything in this mod would give any multiplayer advantages, but the differences in the files could make the game flag you as trying to cheat even if you're not, and I won't be held responsible for anyone banned who didn't listen and tried to use this in multiplayer.


If DLC is not working and you started your current saved game using a previous version of this mod, try starting a new game with a newer one.
Some problems are caused by a file being corrupted during download. Re-downloading and reinstalling the mod should fix these problems.