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This is an edited version of Ziggy's mod's latest Hardcore edition built to my specifications and tastes.

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Since 2013, I've been using Ziggy's Mod -- it's fantastic, and made an extremely casual game something that fans of a challenge could finally get into. Over time, however, there were several changes I disagreed with, so I sought to have them changed. Mostly, I had an issue with the removal and mergers of several items, so many of the vanilla systems such as crafting and skills have been brought back but tweaked so that there is still a challenge.

Many of the changes will be listed below, but I will probably forget some:
-Weapon and supplies prices increased further
-Paint brought back to vanilla prices
-XP reduction for various actions (takedowns, relics, main missions, etc. have all had an XP reduction)
-Most of Ziggy's skill tree changes have been reverted (mainly where he removed/merged them, they've been brought back)
-The crafting has been reverted back to vanilla with increased requirements (unmerged several crafted gear items) (more skins required for gear, more plants required for syringes)
-Map fog of war has been brought back
-Player weapon damage reduced
-Found loot has been reduced
-Value of skins reduced
-Weapon viewmodel FOV increased to 110
-Vehicle viewmodel increased to 110
-Skills and weapons will go back to being unlocked by the story
-4th holster has been brought back
-Second island not unlocked from the start, same with wingsuit
-Wallet capacities increased to accommodate item prices
-Enemy damage increased further
-Health regen has been nerfed
-Vanilla signature weapons
-All other melee weapons have been removed except the tanto, with it needing its vanilla requirements to unlock, having its damage increased over the machete, and costing money to unlock, ensuring a complete upgrade over the machete



Just place in FC3's main directory.


(REDACTED) -- You know who you are. This would not have been made without you. Thank you! 
StanDaScouser, BigTinz, VenomBox, ArdiPINK, Kechioma and FC3 Modding Discord -- Thank you for your help!
DZiggy -- Of course, props go to the man himself for making the best FC3 mod and for permission! Thank you!