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KEVIN465M0RAN - also known as HUNK or Dat Mental Gamer

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a collection of saves on every mission in Far Cry 3 :D

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so i love farcry 3, and i know plenty of others do aswell, but something that always annoyed the crap out of me in FC3 is the fact you cannot replay missions unless you restart the game -_- (also, the nexus saves on the FC3 mods page are all for non steam versions) LOL

anyway i found the save location for FC3 and i have made a collection of savegames for all 38 missions ;)


to use the saves open a folder from 1 - 38 (each folder is each mission in the game) and place them in the directory below
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\7501fa1e-e344-4819-87a4-c8ef6e08dedc\46

another thing, remember to set your uplay account status to offline or the game will sync and will overwrite your saves...

the collection will also have a 100% savegame if you dont want to replay any missions and just want to have fun ! (COMING SOON - THIS IS NOT IN THE ZIP ON THE SITE RIGHT NOW!)

and, i'd recommend you use Swartz Mod Comp since its the mod i used in all the saves :3

also if you dont like the HUD ingame you could also grab the toggle Hud Mod
both swartz mod and the toggle hud one are on the "Requirements" bit above this description

E N J O Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here is some sweet FC3 Music to enjoy knowing you found a save that really works !