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  1. Neckon
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    Since Mods need to be disabled for Nuclear Winter, I wrote a little thing to make enabling/disabling mods easier which works in conjunction with another script that I use to utilize Baka for any ba2-packaged mod.

    1. Create a folder for your Fallout 76 mods somewhere, this is going to be the custom data folder for Baka.
    2. Extract your mods - both those packaged as loose files and ba2 files - into that folder
    3. Copy the Archive2 tool folder from the Creation Kit into the mod folder
    4. Create a new .bat file with these contents:

    FOR %%i IN (*.ba2) DO Archive2\Archive2.exe "%%i" -extract=%CD% -quiet

    This will go over every .ba2 file in that folder and use Archive2 to extract it to wherever the script resides (which should be the mod folder)

    5. Use Baka to create your Baka files from that custom mod folder and have Baka copy them to your actual data folder
    5a. (Optional) Check if you need to add a Baka textures ba2 file to the Baka ini - do so if necessary
    6. In your Fallout 76 root folder, create a DisableMods.bat with these contents:

    rename dxgi.dll dxgi.dll.bak
    cd Data
    rename BakaFile*.ba2 BakaFile*.bak

    The first line disables SFE (you can keep ReShade by renaming that to d3d11.dll), the second navigates to the data folder and the third renames the Baka files to something innocent

    7. In your Fallout 76 root folder, create a EnableMods.bat with these contents:

    rename dxgi.dll.bak dxgi.dll
    cd Data
    rename BakaFile*.bak BakaFile*.ba2

    This just reverses the changes made by the disable mods batch file.

    Now whenever you want to play Nuclear Winter, just hit that DisableMods.bat before launching the game and you're good to go. And before jumping back into adventure/survival mode, give that EnableMods.bat a whack before launching the game.

    I hope this makes handling this stuff a little easier. I know that there is a simple mod manager around but that thing unfortunately never worked for me, so I came up with this solution.
  2. Matakor
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    Hi, I'm the creator of Imperfect Ultrawide. I've been pushing people to use the Baka file tool since almost the inception of my mod, and it's worked great. That being said, I've finally been able to make a working standalone ba2 file, but for some reason when I use the interface files and the mesh files in the same ba2, the mesh files don't function. I've had to split them in the mean time, but I noticed that the BFT variant makes them into a single file, and that works fine?

    What's the difference between BFT's file and Archive2's file that would cause meshes to not function in the mixed ba2? Alternatively, is there another list I could add the mesh ba2 file to that isn't sResourceArchive2List?

    EDIT: Well, since the new update, the files don't work at all... wtf am I doing wrong?
  3. MLPXD
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    Create Archive is greyed out for me
    1. DukeHellion
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      Make sure your Paths are set correctly, as the Tool needs Archive2 to function properly. Do you have the required items installed; Fallout 4 and Creation Kit?
  4. DukeHellion
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    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with mods working after patch 10, I can't get a single mod to load and not crash to load screen. This tool has worked flawlessly for me since its was uploaded. I understand that the new game mode doesn't except mods. I only do adventure mode so far. I left a bug report. Really hope this tool get updated .

    Thanks, and Have a great day all!))
    Edit: Turns out it was a combination of a corrupt Custom.ini file and the the mod "Better Camera and Zoom out". Too bad...I really liked that one. So yeah, still working flawlessly!))
  5. BorderXer
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    Thank you very much for this mod.
    [ ENDORSED ]

    Please, please change the version number of the example mod to,
    for example, 1.1.0 if it is the second change of the example mod.

    Due to you having given it a version number higher than the main mod,

    it has changed the version at the top of your mod's Nexus screen.

    Some will compare when they last updated the main mod ( Feb 17 as

    of this writing ) or see the version number at the top of the screen and
    say - yay ! , a new version of the main mod, I wonder what's changed ?
    ( ...he a way pointing a finger at self because this caused
    the same frustration for him at least twice now )
    Reflectively , BorderXer
  6. Negrik
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    FL76 not working .
    [00:00] Background Loader: Building File List...
    [00:00] Background Loader: Done.
    [00:00] Background Loader: Error: No valid files were found in the directory!
    Couldnt find any solutions on comments, shame and useless for now. :(
    1. Negrik
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      Figured it out!!!
      Start as admin, select fl76, click on manual data selection, click on select folder and navigate to FL76 main folder. (if its greyed out just restart it few times)
    2. silencer711
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      Thanks for reporting your fix to the problem; Too many others simply report: "I fixed it." and fall off the face of the planet.
  7. n1c2c8
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    There's a new 'Video' and 'Terrain' folders in Data. Does this need to be updated to account for those bk2 files inside? It's either this or Imperfect Ultrawide which is leading to a black/blank intro and menu screen.

    *edit nvm, removed interface, meshes, textures from Data folder and any baka files created as part of Imperfect and that's solved things for now.
  8. Joebno
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    it keeps saying fallout 76 data folder not found
  9. undeaddemon956
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    Does anyone know how to add the archive2 path to the baka thing? I've never used the creation kit before so idk where it's located to path it to somewhere.
    1. madduma
      • premium
      • 165 posts
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      1. Install Fallout 4 (doesn't have to be on the same drive as Fallout 76)
      2. Install Creation Kit through Launcher (green icon on the bottom left)
      3. When it asks for the path, select Fallout 4 install path (usually in .../Steam/steamapps/common)
      4. Open Creation Kit through Launcher at least once
      5. After Creation Kit runs its setup, close Creation Kit
      6. Now add the Fallout 4 and Archive 2 paths to BakaFileTool:
      6.1 In “Paths”, click “Select Fallout 4 Path” and navigate to / select folder
      6.2 In “Paths”, click “Select Archive2” and navigate to / select Archive2.exe (should be in .../Fallout 4/Tools/Archive2)
      7. In Baka "Settings", check “Use Archive2 for Fallout 76” (required for proper textures)
    2. simagination
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      Thanks a ton!
  10. PhasedTM
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    Apparently they changed the archive names again with today's patch. Will BAKA need updating?
    1. shad0wshayd3
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      No, the archive names that changed are under a different configuration setting than the one that Baka uses.