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Customize you Scorched Beast Queen with a (1K/2K/4K/8K) new texture set including glowing parts and choose between the 9 color theme provided ( vanilla ultracite color range from cyan ore to yellow vein )

Permissions and credits
SBQ is boss in this game but only uses blurry 1K textures barely slightly different from any other SB around :
Sometimes I even wonder which one is the queen while fighting many of them...

This mod includes a (1K/2K/4K/8K) custom texture pack and 9 possible glowing color schemes so you can now customize your queen to make it as she is from really long-time plagued with ultracite.

Even if a scientific explanation might be related, Vanilla Fallout 76 ultracite color really seems random as going from blue to yellow/green..?
Thus, just pick your favorite color !

On my own, I enjoy very much the "Atoll" one because I feel it just works great with the lore ( SBQ is the only creature from which you can directly loot ultracite ore at death, without even using acid, and this is closed to the ore color ) and I find it the best one artistically ( not glowing too much, still really visible within the nuked area orange sky, and it fits pretty well with the white toxic clouds the queen drops )
You might upload your own pictures / medias, with another color theme if you find one to better suit your expectations ?

► To update, just replace the 2 .ba2 files used in previous 1.0 version.
1.1 add better gradients from skin to ultracite for wings, guts and claws. Also move some ultracite stones.
In 1.0 only 4K was available ; Maybe you needed lower version and here it is, if not, you might then test the 8K version :
Compared to vanilla 1K during 1080p tests with game max visuals options ( I am also using NVIDIA Inspector with settings : no-vsynch, 45 FPS cap & textures filtering mode "performance" ) I had some framerate drops but it is hard to know for sure if it was related or not to the 8K texture set as from one test to another it didn't happen each time ; Here is my bet :  ≃ -5 FPS impact - on config : Intel Core i5-2500K @3.30Ghz /16Gb RAM /Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB /DISK SSD

► To install, open the .7z and extract USBQ_Textures.ba2 and ONLY ONE of the .ba2 file from the "GlowingColor-ChooseOnlyOne" folder.
You might pick your color thanks to the "USBQ-readme.png" included ; Remember the result will always be a bit lighter than the chosen color as glow is kind of a gradient process. Move the 2 files to the fallout76 Data directory, and, as for any other mod, add their names separated with a comma to the sResourceArchive2List list in your custom.ini file.

► You're absolutely free to do whatever you want with these files ( as long as for FO76 of course ) :
Modifying them, including them in a pack, etc... No need for you to ask or/and wait for my authorization.
Maybe, if you do so, and if you have time and remember me while publishing, send me some PM, or/and give me some credits or/and a link to here on your own mod page, that still would be very nice of you !

► ABOUT 1.1 new BRIGHTER WINGS optional patch

This patch is only intended for the mod "Ultracite Scorched Beast Queen" v1.1 for FO76 and must NOT be installed as a stand-alone mod, neither for an older/newer version. To be effective, it must be loaded after the 1.1 mod itself :
You must choose one of the provided .ba2 file here and add its name after the main mod name, at the "sResourceArchive2List" line ( inside Fallout76 custom.ini file ) - You need NOT neceessarily to pick the same texture size as in the main mod itself.

As for now, I am using myself the 4K main files together with the 8K brighter-wings texture ;
This way, I am avoiding most of the framerate drops if using full 8K texture-set with my config...
...But in the same time I get a better shining and brighting (specular+glow) effects along the wings ( which are the widest part of the creature ). 
However you might still stick with the original size you chosen for the main mod-set itself ( or even a lower size if you try to get a few more FPS ).

Obviously, as stated by its name, this patch is making the wings to glow more :
In the vanilla mod, wings are half-glowing compared to claws and ultracite ores carved onto the creature's back.
This was intended to less impact the vanilla game "dark moody" style.
With this patch, all elements will glow at the same intensity, which means the Queen will now really shine above the skies !
After all, she is the Queen, she needs shiny jewellery.

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