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Small animation swap to always use the "fast exit" power armor exit animation (it's A LOT faster).

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NOTE: This mod will continue to work without need for updates forever unless Bethesda changes the power armor animation files... which have not been touched since launch, and possibly not even since Fallout 4's launch.


This mod does exactly the same as what my Fallout 4 mod did: a simply swap of the animation files to use the quick exit/enter animations all the time instead of just while in combat.

This could be considered a PvP advantage. Use at your own risk.

*Players without the mod installed seem to see an animation disconnect where your character simply pops out of the armor instantly.

Known Bugs/Issues:
- As with my Fallout 4 mod "quick enter" does not align the paired animations correctly so it looks a bit odd. This can't be fixed without the ability to edit the plugin data or the animation itself.


1. Extract "PA_FastANIM.ba2" into your Fallout76/Data folder.
2. Add "PA_FastANIM.ba2" to the '"ResourceArchive2List" line in your Fallout76Custom.ini file so it looks like:
sResourceArchive2List = PA_FastANIM.ba2