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A companion app for various Fo76 mods

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Simple file changes listener to detect any new content in the file and execute mod specific logic.

At the moment it's being used by ItemExtractorMod


Listens for the itemsmod.ini file creation/changes, that was created/modified by SFE and executes mod specific logic outside of the game itself.

For instance, this allows ItemExtractorMod to fix issues with append functionality, e.g. each time you're extracting items from the game, this tool detects changes - copies file to a new location and merges previous & current item dumps into a single file (or multiple, depends on settings). Also allows you to anonymize data (encode your account/character names, item id's).

Java 1.8

  1. Download archive
  2. Unzip to any location you like
  3. Start the app
  4. Specify path to Fallout 76 Data folder, e.g. E:\BethesdaGames\Fallout76\Data (for Game Pass edition path may be different)
  5. Update mod settings, if required
  6. Click "Start" to start listening to the file changes
  7. Note, if file is already created - this app won't do anything until file will be updated.
    You may launch this app at any moment (before game or already being in game).

Upon application work, there will be created couple directories(in the same directory, where application was started):
- output - holds few more directories, specific for each mod and holds inside mod specific output
- settings - application and mod settings, e.g. path to fo76 data
- logs - verbose logs of companion application

Application is open-sourced: Github

Latest build always can be found here
Just click on the "zip" file on the right sidebar to download it.

If you're willing to add support for your own mod - feel free to send a pull request or contact me for help.

Support is available in the discord