About this mod

Inventory dumper mod. Get all of your items into a single file for trading/keeping track of them, price checking!

Permissions and credits
Previously known as ItemExtractorMod

Inventory dumper mod. Get all of your items into a single file for trading/keeping track of them, price checking!

SFE - mod won't work without SFE, it needs to be updated on each game update!

This mod modifies securetrade.swf file, so it is incompatible with any other mod that modifies the same file. 
Known incompatible mods:
- SaveEverything
- Stash Stack Weights
- Fast UI
- Any strings(translation) mods, that modifies item's name, may cause website issues (e.g. IconSortingTag and similar)

1. Manually edit Fallout76Custom.ini:
sResourceArchive2List = InventOMaticStash.ba2
2. Regular installation via any supported mod manager.

Mod usage
A. Item extraction
1. Open your stashbox, scrapbox or any other containter.
2. Click "Extract items"
3. Preferably do not move your mouse, while mod gets all the required info. (it may cause issues and some items in the dump will have no legendary mods info)
4. Once mod finished gathering data - it will write this data into itemsmod.ini file, located under Fallout76/Data folder. At this point, game may freeze for a while (depends on the amount of items).
5. Upload this file to the website to get user-friendly output, price check and so on.

NOTE: each time you're extracting items - content of the output file will be overwritten. If you want/need to get data from multiple account, please use ModCompanionApp (it is OPTIONAL dependency)

B. Mass Item transfer

BE CAREFULL WHILE USING THIS FEATURE IN OPEN-WORLD CONTAINERS. Double check, whether you haven't put any items there accidentally.
I'd recommend turning this feature off, if you don't need it.
Config file will be read by mod each time, you're opening container (no need to restart the game).

1. Configure "transferConfig" field in inventOmaticStashConfig.json file.

"transferConfig": {
"itemNames": ["mine"],
"enabled": true,
"matchMode": "CONTAINS",
"direction": "FROM_CONTAINER"

matchMode - one of the values:
  • "CONTAINS" - item name in inventory should include item name in config, case-insensitive (USE WITH CAUTION: it could match too many items, in case too generic item name)
  • "STARTS" - item name in inventory should start with item name in config, case-insensitive; e.g. prefix (USE WITH CAUTION: it could match too many items, in case too generic item name)
  • "EXACT" - item name in inventory should exactly match item name in config, case-sensitive
  • "ALL" - ignores item names and drops everything

itemNames - list of items, that you want to transfer, e.g.

"itemNames": ["item name1", "item name 2", "etc"]
enabled - turns on (true) or off (false) entire transfer feature

direction - one of the values:
  • "FROM_CONTAINER" - means, that items from container will be transferred to pipboy
  • "TO_CONTAINER" - means, that items from pipboy will be transferred to container

2. Open any container, press button "P" to start transfer.
3. Done!
Additional features
In the archive, there is a config file (which is optional), but it can be used to extract some additional info, for advanced users.
debug = true/false - displays or hides debug logger.
additionalItemDataForAll = true/false - whether mod should retrieve additional data for all items (true) or just for legendaries (false)
apiMethods = array of built-in game API methods, if you're interested in additional data, that belongs to your character. You may remove any unneeded methods. Or add new ones, if you know their names.
verboseOutput = true/false - whether mod should extract additional data from apiMethods above, in case false - no new data will be written to the file. In case true - every specified method will be executed and its result will be written to the file.


There are couple versions of website(I'd recommend using website with most recent build time/version):
Different website version has different purpose, for developer. For regular users - just use site, that was recently updated.

1. Stage https://fo76market.herokuapp.com/ - low performance, mostly for testing
2. Pre-prod https://fo76market.azurewebsites.net/

I'd recommend using website with higher version.
There are multiple issues with some item types, I'm working on fixing them and all the fixes will go to stage website first and after testing to production.
None of your data is being stored on the website (except caching item name, item legendary mods and armor grade for price check, it doesn't contain any personal data).

If you need any help, please join my discord server


I'm developing all the tools just because I like it, everything is free to use and open-source, but if you wish to support my work, here is my patreon:

Source code

domain objects: https://github.com/sdaskaliesku/fo76Domain

website: https://github.com/sdaskaliesku/fo76tradeServer

companion app: https://github.com/sdaskaliesku/modCompanionApp

mods (private repo, you need request access in DM): https://github.com/sdaskaliesku/fo76mods

source code of the mod itself also can be easily extracted via FFDEC tool

Special thanks to Keretus for helping and providing additional functionality in SFE.