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An all-encompassing audio overhaul that replaces hundreds of in-game sound effects with new, mixed audio!

Permissions and credits
This is a work-in-progress!
Expect quality gaps and untouched audio!

Current Release: 0.3

✧ Description 

To me, Fallout 76 is the video game equivalent of Charles II of Spain. Don't get what I mean? Well, let's just say that it's got a lot of things wrong with it. For me, the audio is positively awful, especially for stuff you're going to be hearing over and over again. So, I changed all that! Nearly everything I touch has been replaced with a stronger, beefier-sounding replacement for almost everything.

So, for this release version, I consider this mod presentable. There's still a lot more to do, and I'm chipping away at what I can all the time, so stay tuned for more changes.

✧ Installation 

  • Follow the instructions here.
  • Download .zip file
  • Place '76UltimateAudioOverhaul - v3.ba2' into your Fallout 76 data directory (Fallout76\Data)
  • Add "76UltimateAudioOverhaul - v3.ba2" to your Fallout76Custom.ini

✧ Audio Changes 
Currently re-writing!

✧ Special Thanks ✧ 

Magmacow - Additional Audio Sources
P. Gibson - Addon Art Edit