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A Simple mod that adds red trim, lights, and glow to the PipBoy 2000 in Fallout 76.

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DarkPip 2000 simply adds red trim, glow, and lighting to the PipBoy 2000 in Fallout 76.
This mod also makes the Pip-Boy screen clean (because you have hands)!

PSA: Bethesda's official stance on modding is that F76 doesn't "support the use of any mods, add-ons, or other third-party programs."
Considering that this mod does nothing more than modify a few in-game asset textures, without touching anything else, this mod should not create any instability in its raw form.

Download only one (1) of the main files: extract files within zip file and use Archive2 to add directly to game files (via ba2), or use Baka File Tool - (Loose) File Loader.

I've run F76 with these textures and had no issues, your mileage may vary. 

DarkPip2000 2.0!
I decided to update this file a little, no longer plain-jane black, but red on black.

DarkPip2000 2.1!
New! As a long awaited request, I added on some files that permits you to replace the Atomic Shop Grey Pipboy!
Note: Please use either atx version or standard version (standard version offers previous texture overwrite for the pipboy)

Red trim and secondary color
Colored wires
Red themed Geiger Counter and Radio Tuner
Red themed STAT, ITEM, and DATA indicators (glowing)
Added option to replace Atomic Shop Grey Pipboy Skin
Bug: Due to how BGS setup the atomic shop PipBoy Skins, the custom glow and lighting effects will transfer to all PipBoy Skins.
There is an additional No-Glow ATX Grey download that removes the red glow and lights for the Atomic Shop Grey PipBoy.
Added option to replace MkVII skin (acquired for free from Wastelanders DLC)