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Swaps the default Pole Hook model for a two-handed sword.

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The bumper sword/blade of the east from FNV has long been my favorite weapon from the Fallout franchise. I've been waiting for Bethesda to implement a two-handed sword for quite some time now, as the swords that are in game don't scratch that same itch.

And so, I've created a two-handed sword of my own here as a replacer for the Pole Hook? Why the Pole Hook? For those unaware, the Pole Hook's melee reach is actually 50% further than any other melee weapon in game; while it doesn't quite top out on the damage scale, this extra reach advantage makes it strong in PvE and exceptionally strong in PvP. It also allows prevents the feeling of "swinging through" enemies that sometimes occurs with the larger two-handed weapons (like the Tenderizer) that do not have an extended melee reach despite their larger models.

Murphy's Cleaver has been made using 100% in game assets from the lead pipe, tire iron, and machete. If you have anything that alters the textures for these weapons, it will also alter the textures for Murphy's Cleaver.

Installation instructions (I don't know how to create .ba2 archives myself, so I use the Baka Loader tool):

1) Extract the contents of the zip file to your FO76 Data folder. For most people this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Fallout76\Data.
2) Download the Baka Loader here and follow the instructions there. Just a few clicks and you're golden.
3) Enjoy the mod!

Special thanks to ShadowShayde for the Baka Loader and Eckserah for his work with Nifskope.