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Paste this onto your Fallout76Custom.ini, let it add these lines to it.

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This is a Fallout76Custom.ini that has lines in it that remove the dumb load time thing when you spawn in where you can't move for 10 seconds.
It also cuts down the loading screen length by a bit.

Credit to the original discoverer: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/ojmpu8/ini_tweaks_to_make_the_game_load_faster/

Here's a Video showing how to properly install the mods i create.

Here's a list of all of the mods i make:

World Mods:
Halloween in Appalachia
Holiday Scorched ESP
Candy Bowl ESP
Pretty Sky
Ingredient ESP
Canned Coffee ESP
Cap Stash ESP
Formula P and Stimpak Super Ingredient ESP
Scorchbeast UFO's
Loot Pile ESP
No Explosions
The Trees are Gnomes
Fuck Trees
Better Berry Mentats
Disease Cure ESP (all)
Vendor ESP 2 (RGB)
Lupit's Ultimate Item ESP
Less Obtrusive Poison Mist
Player Skeleton ESP
Nuka World Events ESP

Cat Man
Gnome Man
Pretty Fire Axe
Laser Rusket
The Only Scope Mod You'll Ever Need
ADS Reflex Sight for Flamers
Better Green House Glass
No Smoke

Power Armor:
Giddyup Buttercup Power Armor Skin

Shut up Bowl
Silent Hill Nuke Warning
Treasure Hunters Have Something to Say

Heroic Power Armor Frame Idle Stance

Load Time Fixer
Lupit's Advanced BA2 Multitool Lite