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Sim Settlements City Plan Contest

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If you play Fallout 4 and fancy yourself as a Commonwealth City Planner, try your hand at rebuilding one of the settlements in Fallout 4 for your chance to win a prize with Sim Settlements 2! 

Those of you who are already familiar with Kingath's Sim Settlements mod series may have heard about the previous seasons of the City Plan contest, but this time Kinggath has asked for our help spreading the world, so we'll be posting competition updates on the site news. 

How does it work?

Each month between now and March 2022 a list of settlements that need your help will be published on the 28th along with the event details including any specific design requirements such as themes, expected items or build limits. You will then have until 11:59pm CST (05:59am GMT) on the 28th of the following month to create your City Plan. All valid entries will then be passed to the Sim Settlements team for the first round of judging. The judges will select their top 3 entries and announce them 2 weeks following the end of the competition period. 

The top 3 creators will be contacted directly to prepare for the final round, a public voting session. The community will be shown video tours of the nominated City Plans and will be able to vote for their favourite on the Sim Settlements forums. Public voting will open on the 21st of each month and will close on the 28th, in time for the next announcement. 

What can I win?

  • 1st Prize - $50 Steam Gift Card, Sim Settlements merchandise, your choice from a selection of Steam and GOG.com game keys and your City Plan will be featured on Kinggath's YouTube channel.
  • 2nd and 3rd Prize - Sim Settlements merchandise, your choice from a selection of Steam and GOG.com game keys and your City Plan will be featured on Kinggath's YouTube channel.
  • All valid entries will also be eligible for inclusion in a megapack of City Plans released after the event.

How can I enter?

To create a valid competition entry, you'll need to follow these steps. In case it wasn't obvious you'll also need Fallout 4 with the Sim Settlements 2 mod installed to get started.

  1. Read the latest competition brief (March 2021). 
  2. Download the City Plan Assistant mod and install it into your game.
  3. Build a Settlement in one of the locations specified in the event brief.
  4. Convert your Settlement to a City Plan.
  5. Upload your City Plan as a new mod.

When creating your mod page, make sure to use the Sim Settlement 2 category and add the Sim Settlements: City Plan Contest Entry tag. 

I'd like to know more!

For the full version of the rules, terms, judging criteria, recommended mods and more check out https://simsettlements.com/contest.

Good luck city planners! 

Disclaimer: Just so you know, this contest isn't operated by Nexus Mods, we are supporting the Sim Settlements team in raising awareness because we think it's really cool idea and that our community will enjoy it. 


  1. uituit
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    Internal voting is now in process for March Contest, Top 3 will be notified in a week or so by one of the City Plan Contest managers.

    Good Luck
  2. sullyivan
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    I'm really looking forward to the results, and not just for the winners but for the innovations and creativity that will be coming out from this from all participants.

    Don't work your settlers too hard.
    1. Sunegami
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      Seconding! Good luck, everyone!
    2. XannahDeux
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      Ditto ditto!
      As both an artist and FO4fan, I LOVE this, even if I'm unable to participate!.. Interactive artistry   <3
      Good luck everyone & have FUN!..  It shows, when you do
  3. XannahDeux
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    Oh MAN, how exciting!.. 
    I WISH I could enter, but still finishing up my new PC build, after laying my old one to rest.. :/
    (Ryzen 1400 - AsRock 350b - Nvidea GTX 970)  A SOLID workhorse that died STILL playing most games well on Ultra,
    after 5 yrs of running DAILY and always powered on.. I salute her! 

    Hopefully I can get onboard NEXT year, or do you remain open for package-updates later in the year, aside from the contest?..
    - ROCK ON, King G!!  
  4. Yagichan
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    We are looking forward to seeing what you make.
  5. uituit
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    Good Luck Everyone