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Increases damage of ballistic/energy guns and widens the total damage difference between the weakest and strongest guns. Makes even the lowly .38 caliber pipe guns viable! In addition, decreases weight added by some weapon mods.

Now includes Damage Threshold Framework support/compulsory installation!

Permissions and credits

I have updated the base game plugin (main file only under the Updates section, no DLC plugins yet) to include proper leveled list ammo for NPC weapons.
NPCs should now have up to three or four times the ammunition given to them in the vanilla game, depending on the fickle random number generator. This is the leveled ammo list marked near the bottom of each weapon form, which determines the ammo added to an NPC's inventory for loot, and now for their own use.

This WIP version requires Damage Threshold Framework and Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource.


I will change the official file requirements for this mod page when I complete work on the current version and finish the DLC support plugins. Until then, Damage Threshold Framework and AWKCR will not appear in the required files list. You WILL experience an instant crash if you install this version without first installing Damage Threshold Framework and AWKCR.

Notable changes in version 0.4a:

  1. Created unique leveled lists for the purpose of adding ammo on equip of guns by NPCs. This allows greater compatibility with loot overhaul mods. For example, the same ammo leveled lists are used to generate ammo counts for NPCs and random containers. Now, you will find a decent amount of ammo on NPCs if you kill them quickly, before they can expend all that ammo fighting you, but you won't necessarily find much in containers.

Notable changes in version 0.4:

  1. NPCs use ammo.
  2. NPCs have more ammo added to their inventories, so they should be able to do something against you now, rather than simply firing three shots and charging at you with their knuckle dusters and pool cues.
  3. Added Damage Threshold multipliers to leather armor upgrades, including the normally non-constructible size upgrades. I use Craftable Armor Size for my own convenience and testing purposes. I may change these values if the balance seems iffy. I have not added DT directly to the armor itself yet, so you will need the DTF Optional Plugin that adds DT on game load in order to see any DT on leather armor.

You may need to start a new game or wait for an area's leveled lists to reset before you see the ammo changes.

Updated to 0.3.

Reverted NPC use of ammo to vanilla values until I can implement a decent balance of ammo in their inventories. Otherwise, they get a few shots before running out, and many enemies don't have a backup melee weapon. Oops. The version with NPC ammo use is still available under the optional files, but as noted by a user, it is not exactly ready as-is.

Notable changes in version 0.3:

  1. More consistent damage multipliers for weapon modifications as compared to version 0.2.
  2. Some large weapons, such as the Minigun and Broadsider, are MUCH heavier. Still feeling this one out; the Minigun can exceed 100 lbs/units with base components, the broadsider exceeds 200. A realistic weight for a dismounted cannon would be over 1000 lbs, but barring some way to restrict its use to power armor only, I felt 200 was more reasonable; it prevents you from lugging the cannon around with other stuff easily, but power armor allows it.
  3. Base unarmed damage in power armor is 30.
  4. The plasma gun behaves as the plasma guns in Warhammer 40K, to a degree. As in, they cause explosions. Not occasionally: Every time. For context, the gun now does 24 ballistic damage and 96 energy damage from the projectile alone, and the explosion does an additional 60 energy damage within a 6-foot radius. That is the default projectile; the sniper and auto projectiles do different amounts, and the scatter mod has its own projectiles and explosions now. I may figure out how to add a random chance for the gun to explode whenever you shoot it too often.
  5. Molotovs don't inflict 50 explosive damage points anymore, but they do cause more damage over time. Obviously, there are other mods that do this; I don't claim the original idea and you can use those mods if my damage values don't work for you.
  6. The Flamer and Cryolator do fire and cryo damage, and more of it. Other weapons that are described as fire/cryo/tesla/pulse now use the appropriate damage, such as electric, which affects their effectiveness against, most notably, power armor. Ditto the above for molotov cocktails: I didn't come up with this idea.
  7. Power armors, including those from DLC, have drastically greater DR and resistances against fire, cryo, poison, radiation, and energy damage, but not electricity. This makes the Tesla gun and pulse weapons uniquely suited to fighting power-armored enemies. These values are the same I use in my mod Multiplicative Power Armor Resistance. In fact, if you use Mediocrity - Deadly Guns, you do not need MPAR, strictly speaking, but having it enabled will not cause any problems.
  8. The above means, as well, that Automatron robots with the Tesla gun will be able to murder you, as their guns do the same damage as the playable versions now. That's right: The guns you can give your robots are as powerful as my modded versions. Automatic lasers will shred everything. EVERYTHING. In the optional files section is a patch for sgtbarney's Automatron Expanded Weapon System. Install that mod and replace its plugin with mine.
  9. Some Automatron robot armor parts give substantially more health and damage resistance. I have not thoroughly tested all of these either for balance or consistency; some may have less or more armor than their tier should suggest.
  10. I plan to implement proper NPC ammo loot, such that I can enable their ammo use without crippling them in combat or making the lootable amount from their corpses too great. This is not a priority at the moment, so by all means, use another mod that affects ammo if you really want this feature.

Major changes in version 0.2:

  1. Upgraded receivers, such as Hardened and Advanced, increase damage to a lesser degree. The factor is not the same for all weapons, but most of them increase the damage by about half of what they did by default. This is offset by the following change.
  2. Long barrel mods increase damage substantially. Stub barrels do base damage, standard barrels, if applicable, do 20-25% extra damage, and long barrels do 40-50% extra damage.
  3. Automatic receivers decrease range and damage by substantially lower amounts. The change is there, but it will not affect overall damage much.
  4. Some weapons are significantly lighter, and their mods increase their weight by lesser amounts. For example, your fully upgraded Homemade Rifle won't weigh 20 units/pounds/kilograms/pieces of eight/whateverBethesdapulledoutoftheirpocketsatthetime anymore.

The in-game indicator, which shows range in feet, as far as I can tell, determines the maximum range at which full damage is applied to a target. The default range of most weapons is 256 units, or 12 feet. Many guns' standard barrels apply a range multiplier of 16x, making the maximum range 192 feet, and many mods other than barrels change this value by smaller amounts (suppressors and muzzle breaks, for example). Damage dealt to the target diminishes beyond this range. 192 feet doesn't seem like much, but it is plenty for most areas in the city areas, as sight lines are generally rather short. In more open areas, though, you'll notice significant damage falloff with weapons that you'd think would have greater range.

This means that a rifle will do far less damage than it should beyond about 200 feet, which is considered point-blank range for something like a .308 bullet.
So I fixed that.

Version 0.1 notes below

Not a lot to say here, really; this is merely a change to the damage scaling between different guns.
Simply put, guns are slightly more lethal. A few select guns are massively more lethal (See: Broadsider, Minigun, Submachine Gun, Gauss Rifle)

Weapon Mod (Located under Object Modification in FO4Edit) changes
Various decreases to the weight added by receiver mods
Automatic receivers decrease damage by a much smaller amount, i.e. 5-10% instead of 35% on some weapons.

I have changed some of the other projectiles' range values beyond the default maximum of 10000 units or 142 meters, but this shouldn't affect how damage falloff is calculated, only how far the projectile will travel. This should allow you to snipe enemies beyond 142 meters with a hunting rifle, for example. I have encountered range limits with visible enemies before, which is why I made these changes. Note that increased projectile range for a given weapon does not affect the range indicator displayed in the PipBoy menu, which is why I mention the damage falloff. If I can discover how to alter this value in the future, I will add it to a later release. Done!

That's all for the current release. Feel free to edit this plugin in FO4Edit, or the Creation Kit when it comes out, to your heart's content. As the permissions indicate, you can redistribute this mod wherever you please, though I would appreciate credit. Endorse if you like it, but don't expect too much active support.