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A minimized, close to vanilla DEF_UI preset.

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Thanks to the awesome DEF_UI mod by Neanka and Valdacil, those of us who don't have the patience to fiddle around with XML files can fine tune the UI to our heart's desire quickly and easily. Thanks!

Version 3.0 is updated for DEF_UI version 1.43. It was created using an aspect ratio of 16:9.

I think this is fairly true to the vanilla hud, simply resized, moved out of the way a bit more, and hopefully less cluttered. The changes that are more noticeably different from the vanilla layout are below:

- Removed the low battery warning message completely. Beeping and the flashing red light on the power armor hud wasn't enough? It seemed excessive and unnecessary in my opinion.

- Removed the flashlight icon. Again, I felt it was fairly obvious when the flashlight was active without there being an icon for it.

- The compass is at the top of the screen. I have always preferred it this way myself. Enemy indicators, quest markers, etc will all still show up with the exception of power armor and Dogmeat icons. No other changes made.

All other changes are fairly minor and include resizing and moving items toward the edges of the screen. Hopefully the screenshots give a fairly good representation of everything (Will try to upload more screenshots of the most current version).



1. DEF_UI is required. Install it first using NMM.
2. Install this preset after using NMM.
3. Enjoy!


I'm also using these interface mods:
DEF_INV - Improved Interface
Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI
Valdacil's Item Sorting
Satellite Color World Map Combo

Their powers combined cut out inventory, hud, and interface pollution!


Again, all credit goes to Neanka and Valdacil who created this mod!