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Smaller Power Conduits(ex.SmallSizedConnector) V0.5 by Jimineko 2016/02/06.

This Mod is Add Small-Sized Power Conduit(60%/30% and x1/x2/x3 Power Radiation).

Permissions and credits
Smaller Power Conduits V1.0 by Jimineko update 2016/02/20

This Mod is...
  Add Small-Sized Power(30%) Conduit. 
  Add Medium-Sized Power(60%) Conduit. <--new!    vanilla is Large!
  Choose x1(vanilla) or x2 or x3 Power Radiation.
(Update ver is x3 only) <--new! 
  Using Fomod 
(except Update ver) <--new! 
  Changed esp file name(except Update ver. please read attention).
  Adjusted connection point.
  Changed 30% sized conduits needs 2 Iron because gets Iron when scrapped.

 If you installed older version(SmallSizedConnector.esp),
 use another "Update ver" or play "New Game".(Recommend)

  Extract the content into the Data folder inside your Fallout 4 installation directory.
Activate in your favorite mod manager.

[From Author]
  • 2016/02/14
        Update 2types.
Smaller Power Conduits : new version.
Small Sized Connector-Update ver : For Old Version User.

       add "Medium-sized" Power Conduits(60%). 
       add x3 or x2 or x1 Power Radiation.
             (Update ver is only x3 Power Radiation.)

  • 2016/02/14
        Thanks for Downloads, Comments, and Endorsements!
     I changed a title in reference to advice.
        ...And I think about update of mod.
        Please wait a few days.