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  1. bLaCkShAd0w
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    Over the next few days I will be uploading version 1.2. I will be adding BA2 archives for all textures loaded by empty .esl plugins as to not eat up plugin slots. There will be loose versions as usual. Previous loose versions MUST BE REMOVED prior to updating to BA2's as loose files and will take precidence over the new BA2 archives.

    Thank you everyone for all the support and feedback!

    If you enjoy the mods you use, Please endorse them :-)
  2. creodron
    • supporter
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    Just wanted to let you know that the 2k ba2 esl version does not work. Turns out you packaged the textures under general format instead of dds format. So for anyone who is going through the comments looking for a solution and don't want to use the loose file version, you must:

    1. Use Archive2 to extract the textures
    2. Click File then New, Choose DDS format, Type in 2000 in the Maximum Archive Size
    3. Drag the extracted Texture folder into Archive2 window
    4. Click Save As, name it EvilInstituteHD2K - Textures, Click Ok
    5. Replace the old ba2 file with the one you just made

    Note: Archive2 comes from the Creation Kit but there are standalone downloads floating around in the internet.
    1. szandor81
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      Thank you very much for this heads up.. :)
  3. KAWUH
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    Is this one modding "Phase 4" mod?
  4. JimboJones7
    • supporter
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    I feel like the Institute just became the Death Star science division.
    1. RickyTheOx
      • supporter
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      Cool .. right =)
  5. H0R0C4NC3R
    • member
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    red & black = evil?????????????
    1. 898ozzy
      • premium
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      Are those not the two colors most commonly associated with the "bad guys?"
    2. Loveblanket
      • supporter
      • 1,437 posts
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      That depends a great deal on where your ancestors came from and what they did.
    3. kumii0
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      Figuratively yes, and technically that is not solid black, it is more of a gunmetal chromed black. Yeah, typically most people associate black and red with evil organizations most easily referenceable is the nazi regime as an example.
    4. vinylthe10t
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      No it means " IN THE NAME OF KANE!!!"
    5. keithapple
      • member
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      Red can mean good like Iron Man, so does Black like Batman
      Put it together though and you got the likes of Brotherhood of Nod and Zinyak.
    6. User_3680043
      • account closed
      • 177 posts
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      @H0R0C4NC3R - It's a game not some West Coast US s*** hole liberal University safe space, get over yourselffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. BiRaitBec
      • premium
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      the institute is evil no matter the color honestly…

      So who cares of the colors and title
    8. pyrosoldat
      • member
      • 65 posts
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      " IN THE NAME OF KANE!!!" Wow that game would have been beautiful in a open world engine. Black and Red is awesome, but its more fitting to the Brotherhood of Tyranny. Spoiler: But institute trying to lock themselves up and stay underground, that's why they appear to pick up necessities and leave. Unlike the brotherhood whom are trying to takeover all tech.
    9. waluigiween
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      Those are my two favorite colors, does that mean I am naturally evil?
  6. GhostHackNinja
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    Vortex Supported? 2560x1440 resolution?
    1. bLaCkShAd0w
      • supporter
      • 263 posts
      • 44 kudos
      Vortex should work fine, It is packaged as just a normal mod.

      As for your screen resolution, Its irrelevant to texture size.

      If you are playing in 2560x1440 then try the 4K version. Which are 4096x4096 images.
  7. Ardent117
    • member
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    Respectfully, these textures still need a lot of work... unless my install is bugged somehow?
    That's the 2k option, I really hope the 4k isn't like that.
    Sweet & dank besides those issues x

    EDIT: Turns out its my enb bringing out the issues with the textures, which is sad.
    1. bLaCkShAd0w
      • supporter
      • 263 posts
      • 44 kudos
      Seems like something is wrong in those images, the maps arent rendering correctly. These are simply the bethesda textures darkened, with an overlay of the institute floor pattern. They do not look broken and pixelated like those images on a normal game nor any enb I have used.

      The textures are quite dark, I could see how an enb could effect them like that. Which enb?

      They should literally look like the .gif images and video on this page.

  8. mindkiller316
    • member
    • 663 posts
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    This mod does wonders for fixing the overkill lighting of the vanilla game. It's an absolute must have for this reason alone. As for the textures, everything looks so much better. The color scheme feels more appropriate too. Thank you!

    For some reason I can't get the esl version of this mod to work. I'm on NMM 65.10 and everything is installed. The game recognizes the esl because I get the warning when I try to deactivate and load a save. I don't have any other mods that alter the institute so I'm kind of at a loss as to what's the issue. Going back to loose files.

    If possible, could you include an esp version?
  9. Johny Evilguy
    Johny Evilguy
    • supporter
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    Father enabled the Institutes dark theme.
    1. Vanguardascendant
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      I trust not someone with your name
  10. MikaylaGC
    • supporter
    • 86 posts
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    Clearly you're a BoS supporter ;) all I can say as an Institute girl......We Are The Future (and thx for the mod :P )
  11. dragenborn1998
    • supporter
    • 4 posts
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    hi i love your mod but i got a problem its like there are texture missing alle wall and s*** are lila black grey do you have any idea what can it be mayby another mod