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Have you ever felt like the weapons of your enemies and NPCs aren't ridiculous enough?
Well this mod fixes that by giving everyone weapons similar to what you can make with "Any Mod Any Weapon", but fully randomized. See that raider over there? He now has a shotgun with a laser splitter. Anything can happen.

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Have you ever felt like the guns of NPCs aren't ridiculous enough?
Well this fixes that by making almost every gun have random attachments from almost any gun.
Basically Any Mod Any Weapon, but for NPCs.

You can, of course, pick up the weapons and then you're the one with the laser shotgun that has a sniper scope and a beam splitter.

This is pretty much abandoned so you're free to update and upload it if you want to.
It should still work though, just without DLC support and stuff.

Now with melee!
(Untested, but I'm pretty sure it should work. Like at least 90% sure. It works.)

Now with special weapons like Cyrolators and Junk Jets!
(Yes, Fat Man too. Prepare for MIRVs.)

Starting a new game after installing this is recommended if you want random weapons for more NPCs, because existing NPCs aren't affected by this mod.

Recommended mods:

This mod was inspired by Any Mod Any Weapon by LucasGod and it is almost necessary with this mod.
My mod doesn't let you put any mod on any weapon.

Non-AnyModAnyWeapon version sold separately. Also free. Why would anyone use that?

The list of weapons that are affected:
(Should actually be every vanilla weapon now)
  • .44 pistols
  • 10mm pistols
  • Alien Blasters
  • Assault Rifles
  • Broadsiders
  • Combat Rifles
  • Combat Shotguns
  • Deliverers
  • Double-Barrel Shotguns
  • Fat Men
  • Flamers
  • Gamma Guns
  • Gatling Lasers
  • Gauss Rifles
  • Hunting Rifles
  • Junk Jets
  • Institute weapons
  • Laser weapons
  • Laser Muskets
  • Miniguns
  • Missile Launchers
  • Pipe weapons
  • Pipe Bolt-Action weapons
  • Pipe Revolvers
  • Plasma weapons
  • Railway Rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Syringers
  • Every melee weapon I'm pretty sure

Melee weapons and special weapons such as Junk Jets and Gamma Guns aren't affected and because of that, not all attachments may be available.

(I think I figured out how to add Fat Men and such to the list (10.02.2016). Soon™...)