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You like immersive things, eh? Well I've got 13 different presets for DEF_UI right here...

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Thank you for making this the #1 most downloaded and endorsed preset for DEF_UI. Even the smallest project can be truly gratifying.

So, I hear you like minimalism?
Haven't you come to the right place.
Please, be my guest.

A quick overview

13 presets in total, divided in 6 collections

  • Clean - Get rid of the clutter and let your screen breathe (see Management of the UI).
  • Cleaner - You'd better count your ammo and AP, because your HUD certainly won't.
  • Truly Immersive - Just you, your HP meter & direction markers against the wasteland: do you accept the challenge?
  • Calibrated - For those who relish the benefits of having a Compass.
  • Complete - Keep all elements from the vanilla UI, while enjoying the features Clean HUD.
  • Compact Remastered - by simonpdx, an improved version of the Complete-Compact preset!


Installation methods
  • Download with Manager, activate, and let the FOMOD guide you (simply Download and Install with manager if you chose Compact Remastered).
  • Download manually, extract, read the included .txt guide, choose a preset and drop the interface folder in your Fallout 4/Data folder.

Required mods

Recommended mods

A more detailed description

So what do these presets do?
  • Various elements have been removed from the HUD.
  • The presets are organized in Collections, that determine which UI elements are removed. 
  • Each collection has up to 3 presets (see Types of presets), that determine how the UI elements are organized on the screen.
  • All elements are 30% to 70% smaller than in vanilla.
  • All elements have been moved away from the center of the screen or rearranged according to the new style (watch the video and the screenshots).

Types of presets
  • Classic - in the style of Clean HUD 1.2 and eariler, every element is very small and as close to the edges of the screen as possible.
  • Redesigned - the most important elements are slightly bigger than in Classic and are arranged similarly to the vanilla HUD (but still far from the center of the screen).
  • Compact - like the various iterations of Clean HUD 1.3, which take inspiration from other games, the most important elements are compressed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Management of the UI

Clean - Elements removed

  • Hit markers
  • Enemy health meter
  • XP meter (except for LEVEL UP! message)
  • Compass (except for Direction markers)
  • Stealth meter
  • Nearby explosive indicator
  • Radiation indicator (except for the Radiation symbol)
  • Button prompts (such as "E)TAKE   R)TRANSFER" )
  • Speaker's name in the subtitles

Cleaner - Elements removed (on top of the above)

  • AP meter
  • Fatigue indicator
  • Ammo & Explosive counters

Truly Immersive - Elements retained (everything else is removed)
  • Dot crosshair
  • Quick Container widget & item names
  • HP meter (except for HP bracket and Radiation meter)
  • Direction markers
  • Location marker

Calibrated - Elements restored (compared to Clean)
  • Compass
  • Stealth meter


Looking to add a personal touch? DEF_UI's got your back, Jack.
Navigate to the DEF_UI installation folder; you'll find that inside your Fallout 4 Data/Interface folder. It should look something like this:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\ Data\Interface

Now open HUDMenuSet.exe, and get editin'. Have fun, be patient and don't forget to save when you're done!