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More Scrap! Better Scrap! Overhaul of a lot of junk and scrap to contain the proper components and proper amount.

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This mod is dedicated to fix a ton of junk and scrap to contain the proper components and proper amount. After playing Fallout 4 for over 200 hours, I simply found it ridiculous how many details has been put in this game and yet how inconsistent scrapping is. Hey, c'mon. Simple math: One tire = 4 rubber, 20 tires = 10 rubber? What?! And don't get me started on aluminum.. or electrical stuff.. or cars.. Do you know how many components a car is build of? And yet we just get metal?

Yeah, there are other mods out there like this. But none of them has as many fixes/changes and is up to date like this)

Immersive Scrapping - Automatron
Immersive Scrapping - Far Harbor
Immersive Scrapping - Vault Tec Workshop
Scrapable Power Armor - AddOn
Immersive Scrapping - Nuka World (Soon!)
Immersive Scrapping - Tidy Up! (Soon!)
Immersive Building (Planed)
Hint: Season Pass - Merged Version can be found under "Files"!!!

Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) - Compatibility Patch by Ruinedworld

It should go without saying: Always backup before installing new mods. Always use the current version of Fallout 4. I will only support the current version for very obvious reasons.

I'm alive! I'm very busy with my degree though. Soon to be finished <3 Expect updates in mid/late December!

New mods incoming!
Working on: Immersive Scrapping - Tidy up! --> New! My personal "spring cleaning" with the awesomeness of immersion :P
Working on: Immersive Scrapping v5 --> Update! New fixes and balanced scrap!
Planed: Immersive Building --> New! Let's rethink building and rebalance it!

Thanks for those who donated! That really did make me smile and motivates me to keep on!

4.0 Out now!

- Revisited Oil: Overall increased amount of oil in canisters, old amount just seemed to be too of scale
- Adjusted Adhesive: Increased the amount of adhesive you get from tape and crafted to match size
- Increased the amount of fertilizer in fertilizer bags. It's a pretty big bag...

Will add a full and detailed list soon.. well someday.

5.0 Coming soon!

- Scrap corpses, skeletons and rat holes! Added the ability to scrap dead animals, robots and such. Still have a little trouble with glowing ones and alive settlers.
- Recalculated uranium ore and radioactive barrels
- Tried to fix radioactive barrels in various locations not giving proper mats -> I can't. Beth did place these as metal barrels with material swap. Will do this in new "Tidy Up" mod as I have to edit the world space and did not want to do this kind of work in this mod.
- New Addon for Nuka World
- More details soon!

English (US/International)
Spanish (by Julixg) Not up to date!
French (by CyaNide1986) Not up to date!

If you want to translate this mod to another language or want to request a certain language, just go ahead and ask =) I'll try my very best!

Thanks to Bethesda for this awesome game!
This mod has been created with FO4Edit and the Creation Kit.

A very big thanks to the various translators, you did and do a great job!
Thanks to Ruinedworld for the VIS Patch!