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5 Jedi/Sith Force Powers in the grenade slots, so you can use them simultaneously with Lightsabers!

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Images don't effectively capture what this mod does, watch the video!

Force powers available:

Force Push - "Use the Force, ____!" Simple invisible projectile that explodes on contact, pushing hostiles away!

Force Disarm
- "Drop your weapons!" Makes most hostile enemies drop their weapons, although some of them are smart enough to pick them up right away making this kinda pointless. It's an option though!

Force Lightning Bolt - "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!" Lightning bolt that explodes on contact, does energy damage. There was no way to make it 'shotgun' out of your hands like Palpys, so I made two alternatives.

Force Lightning - "BzzzZZzzZZZzzzzt!" Lightning bolt with no AOE, singular quick 'beam-like' attack that does considerable damage. Aim well, it's tiny and I don't know how to make it wider! I managed to make it work and I use a controller.

Extreme Force - "At last we will have revenge!" Huge, slower(but still fast!) force wave that makes large explosion on impact, can damage the user. Blows enemies and items far away. 

EXTREME FORCE WARNING: It collides with EVERY physics item and gradually gets really loud, watch out loud volume users! Don't use indoors unless you've got godmode or lots of defense and stimpaks! 


Installation is really easy, it's just one .esp file.
Manual installation/uninstallation is just adding/removing it from your Fallout 4 Data folder: steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data
Nexus Mod Manager is still recommended because it's awesome.



Q: Does this work after the recent 1.3 update on Feb 1, 2016?
A: Yes! It has for me at least, even with multiple other mods and on a character without perks.

Q: Where/how do I begin my jedi journey?
A: Simply start the game and believe in yourself.

Q: But how do I obtain my Jedi powers?!
A: Go to a crafting station, and make sure you have the perk "Science!" at least at level 1. You'll need level 4 however in order to use the destructive Extreme Force Push and Force Lightning!
You could also use Console powers, activated by pressing the ~ key between your tab and Esc keys and then typing 'help force 4' and then once you find the addresses(numbers and capital letters in parenthesis), type 'player.additem (Address)(space!)(amount)' 
ex. player.additem 1a00080b 42

Q: What kind of weapon are they?
A: They're grenades, so you can use them with any weapon! (hint hint: any of the awesome lightsaber mods out there)

Q: Does it work with other weapon mods/craftable mods?
A: Hopefully! It works perfectly with all the mods I use, some of which include craftable armors/weapons.

Q: There is a bug!
A: That's not a question! Tell me what's up, try to recreate whatever you were doing when whatever happened, and I'll try to fix it. I'm not responsible for
Force closed games, or other Forced inabilities to do things. I am responsible for my Forced puns though.

Q: Where's Force Ch-
A: I can't do that with FO4Edit! I would love to do that but that would require external stuff that I don't know how to do!
If anyone has resources for animation, I'd love to learn how to get those working, since I've done a good amount of animation myself and I'd love to make a quicker grenade animation as well as a bunch of melee weapon ones. I'd love you for many evers.


Created by Ketzulo, 100% made in FO4Edit

Thanks to SterkOks for telling me how to make this Nexus Mod Manager compatible, which I know is much simpler even if it's just 1 .esp! Google search results didn't help me.
Thanks to RestrictedGHOST for telling me to add Sith to the name

Made from scratch(mostly copying game files and changing values around), but I could not figure out how to make consistent force knockback until I looked at how Pyrosurgery did his Project Home Run Guns mod. Learning through reverse engineering! (I didn't use his assets, but rather I learned from their structure)