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Skewed the Raider Sack Hood in NifSkope to fit tighter and be more mask like because I wanted a Balaclava. Then Elianora fixed it so we can have eye-holes.
More masks incoming, stay "tooned".

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  • German

This was originally the Balaclava mask from my Hellsing mod. 
Skewed the Raider Sack Hood in NifSkope to fit tighter and be more mask like.
Then Elianora fixed it so we could have eye holes. Yay!

Releasing this separately for those who may only want this mask.



Items must be added with the console "~"

Type:    help "Balaclava" 4

To get the [Item IDs]

Then Type:    player.additem [Item ID] 1

Currently Released:
  • Balaclava - Full mask version to be worn alone, with eye holes. (Occupies Slots 30 and 31) (All Colors)
  • Balaclava Mesh - Mask Mesh covering the eye-holes. Worn alone. (Occupies Slots 30 and 31) (All Colors)
  • Balaclava Tri - Three Hole (Occupies Slots 30 and 31) (Black Only)
  • Balaclava Wide - Wide Eye Hole (Occupies Slots 30 and 31) (Black Only)
  • Balaclava CA - ColdAvenger Expedition (Occupies Slots 30 and 31) (Black Only)
  • [ H ] - Variants with this tag are to be used with some headgear and gasmasks (Occupies Slot 31) 
  • [ H2 ] - Variants with this tag are to be used with other headgears that don't work for H (Occupies Slot 46)

H and H2 are intended to work with Armorsmith Extended, as it cleans up biped flags in a way that allows additional headgear

Colors Available:
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown

  • Deadpool
  • Deathstroke
  • Spiderman
  • Spawn
  • Rorschach



1.6 - Update - Added ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava, black only
1.5 - Update - Added Wide Eye Hole Balaclava, black only
1.4 - Update - Added Three Hole Balaclava, black only
1.3 - Update - Added color variants to compliment FFO.
1.2H3 - Hotfix Patch - Fixes Mesh H2 variant to render the correct texture. Hopefully the last hotfix for this version.
1.2H2 - Hotfix Patch - Added third variant [H2] to cover all flag conflict bases
1.2H - Hotfix Patch - Fixes the biped flags and the missing material swap for meshed H version
1.2 -  Added Elianora's fixed model with the eyeholes. Some clipping remains, but I will iron out another time.
1.1 - Update Fix - Rebuilt .ESP from scratch to get rid of error with [ H ] variant. Should work now! (If you use AE)
1.0 - Initial Release - Just the Balaclava


1.3 - Masks & Masks AE Patch - Fixed incorrect file path for material swap for Spawn [H2] mask
1.2 - Compatibility Texture, lol? - Added an alternate texture for Deadpool that better color/texture matches AssassinDUDE91's original Deadpool Texture or FGModule's Stand-Alone Version (The one in my screenshots that matches my original mask design I don't currently have permission to release.)
1.2 - Update - Rorschach and Spawn
1.1 - Update - Deadpooooooool. Chimichangas not included.
1.0 - Initial Release - Spiderman and Deathstroke. I wanted to wait til I had more than one to release, but since these are finished (or mostly so) I'd figure I'd release the pack early and update as I make more.


No More Requests:



To Gambit77 for his support and Elianora for her work to fix the mesh so we could have the balaclavas we've always wanted.