Fallout 4
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Just because the world ended doesn't mean you have to look like a scavver hobo! Mod adds 7 pairs of eye glasses or sun glasses, 2 scarves, 3 bags, a pair of punk gloves, 3 forehead goggles and a bandoleer. Both genders and CBBE supported. More to be added later!!

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"Just because the world ended doesn't mean you need to look like a scavver hobo!"


Included in the mod are:
• A small backpack
• 6 mufflers
• 7 pairs of eye and sun glasses
(black with silver detail, black with gold detail and Nuka Cola) with clear, rose or black lenses.
• Two scarves (patterned and wool)
• Three messenger bags (medic, plain and black)
• Dark Bandoleer
• Two pairs on forehead pilot goggles
• A pair of forehead welding goggles
• Pair of black studded gloves

The bandoleer, gloves and bags can be built with BodySlide for CBBE so you can have your own shape,
if you happen to have huge nukes preset or such (hehehe)

The items WILL clip with heavier armours. They are shaped so that you can wear under armour (flannels, vault suit, t-shirt and jeans) under them,
but it is impossible to shape them to work with every possible outfit out there. The bags and bandoleer will also float above the body if you're not wearing anything.

The goggles on the head will also clip with hairs. I made two versions of the pilot goggles, the HIGH one is meant for larger hairstyles. Test around to see what works best for you.

All items are craftable at the Armoursmith workbench. Not the chem lab. Not the ARMOR WORKBENCH. ArmourSMITH workbench.
You need rank 2 of Armorer perk (come on now, crafting eye glasses is not the same as slapping 2 pieces of leather together ;] )


They will be added to leveled lists / merchant inventory once we have reliable ways to make bashed patches.
I don't want to mess with other people's item distribution ATM.

Cheat code: Spawn a trunk with all the items with XX00080a
or search help accessories 4 with the console to get the exact item code then use player.placeatme XX00080a to spawn it to you.

Armor & Weapon Keywords Community Resource
CBBE & Bodyslide for the CBBE version

The glasses are all made by Jet4571!
Go check out his other mods!

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Anyone asking about the tattoos will get banned from this mod. I'm tired of you guys not being able to use a single simple search keyword on this site to find what you need. I don't need 20 comments asking about something that you can find in a single search. WRITE "TATTOO" ON THE SEARCH BAR - MAGIC HAPPENS. Thank you. I'll show myself out now.


I'd love to see your awesome characters ! <3


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