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Adds several new outfits to the game made up of vanilla parts and with new textures. All standalone and craftable.

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1.2 - Uploaded a fix for a glitch with the jackets, should fix the transparency when looking at them from certain angles. Still requires the main file, let it overwrite when installing with NMM. Also fixed an issue with the shirts, your arms should no longer be invisible in first person now.

1.1 - Added seven new outfits: a variation on the padded armours but with the road leathers pants and without Kellogg's shoulder armour so you can wear your own armour pieces with them. There's still a little clipping with some armour pieces, it'd be nigh impossible for me to make them all fit properly so hopefully it's little enough you can live with it. Also added are three new Wanderer's Jumpers outfits to wrap your survivor up just a little bit warmer for winter.
I've also done various bits of tweaking and fiddling with the meshes in this update, fixing a few problems and also to try and fix a couple of bugs that've been reported. Any more problems then let me know!

** Requires Armor and Weapon Keywords (AWKCR) **

This mod adds fourteen  twenty? (I think? I've officially lost count) standalone armours made up from various bits and pieces of vanilla armour and outfits. This is the first time I’ve tried my hand at actually making something new so I hope there’s nothing I’ve missed or messed up, I’ve spent a while testing them all so hopefully there's nothing left I haven't already fixed. Of course if you find something wonky do let me know and i'll see what I can do. There will be some small clipping in some places with certain outfits, especially on female characters. There isn’t much I can do about that, I’ve done my best to minimise what I can but there shouldn’t be anything left that’s immediately noticeable  at least. 

I’ve tried to vary them all a little and did a few versions of each outfit with new textures so hopefully you’ll find something to fit your character. All outfits work for both male and female and are craftable from the Armorsmith workbench from AWKCR and upgradeable with ballistic weave. 
If you’re using Armorsmith Extended I’ve also thrown together a patch that should make all of the armours compatible with AE and able to be upgraded with linings and add-ons etc.

As of the moment I haven’t made them compatible with CBBE because honestly just learning how to put these together took long enough, I’m dying to actually get back to playing the game now. I do intend to look into figuring out how to make them compatible at some point though, if I can. 

And of course I’d love to see screenshots of your characters wearing the outfits!
Honestly I’m almost getting sick of looking at my guy in them at this point.

Wanderer’s Jackets – Black, Red Rocket, Nuka Cola

Gunsmith Outfits – Black, Green, Vault-Tec

Wanderer’s Shirts The Unstoppables, The Silver Shroud, Red Rocket, Nuka Quantum

Survivor’s Padded Armours – Institute, Brotherhood, Minutemen, Railroad

Survivor's Padded Road Armours - Institute, Brotherhood, Minutemen, Railroad

Wanderer's Jumpers - Simple, Bomber Jacket, Maxson Coat

They should all be available at the Armorsmith Workbench from AWKCR under the CASUAL OUTFITS section.

For everyone that keeps asking, the tattoos in the screenshots are mine and they're a work in progress, I may upload them if and when i'm happy with them, but i'm not quite finished working on them yet.

Made with Nifskope, FO4edit Material Editor and Outfit Studio
Credit to Otrixx for some of the great logos and symbols.
All of the meshes are from vanilla Bethesda armours, I only added custom textures.

Either install as usual with NMM or manually drop the files into your data folder.