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Personalize your minigun! Ammo choice affects damage, rate of fire, etc.

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Personalize your minigun! Spray hot death in the flavor of your choice.

Available Receivers
Standard 5mm receiver
.38 (300 rounds per drum)
10mm (250 rounds per drum)
.45 (200 rounds per drum)
5.56 (200 rounds per drum)
.308 (150 rounds per drum)
.50 (150 rounds per drum)

Version 1.1 affects damage, rate of fire, accuracy and range based on the chosen receiver. The minigun should pack an extra punch without feeling overpowered, and valuable ammunition is shot with more precision. [Tri Barrel Adjustment] allows you to customize the rate of fire to a greater extent.

[Mobile Mechanic] This mod grants the ability to access the weapon modification menu in the field so you can swap the receivers and just run around with a single bad-ass minigun eating all the ammo you can pick up :D

Props to The6thMessenger for figuring out how to add receivers in the first place.

Remove Forced Quests and Objectives
Minigun Receivers (Alternate Ammo)
Minigun Tri Barrel Adjustment
Factionless Institute Access
Settlement Construction Kits
Battery Generators (1 Power)
Atom Cats Sell X-01 Armor
Vendor Budget Adjustment
Weighted Bottle Caps
Suicider Replacement
Fat Man Removal (from NPCs)
Laser Turret Rate of Fire Adjustment
Gatling Laser Without Main Storyline
Non-Essential Danse - Drops T-60 Armor
No Level Up Fanfare Music in Perk Menu
Jetpack Requirement (Science Only)
Alcohol Value Adjustment
Tato Weight Reduction