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NPC overhaul mod that changes loadout and stats of all supermutants in the game. Mutants now have more health, always wear armor, including heavy (depending on level), gain some perks, carry powerful and fully modded weapons (however, due to lack of animations weapons list restricted to hammers, assault rifles, laser rifles, missile launcher).

Permissions and credits
I am a super mutant, I am unstoppable!

Version history:

1.1 Version is released.

Due to many concerns about combo of fully moded mutant weapons and damage perks like rifleman, heavy gunner and commando being too powerful and allowing to kill player in one shot at survival difficulty, Supermutant perk lists had been changed dramatically. Ranged weapon damage perks had been removed, resulting in overall x2 weapon damage reduction for high level Supermutant weapons. Also, because many people want to select Supermutant health standard, four versions of the mod had been created, including the variant for the Vanilla game without Re-Ballistic mod. Note that Vanilla version does not require Re-Ballistic and uses the standalone ESP file. There are 4 variants of the mod now:

1) Vanilla variant does not depend on Re-Ballistic and uses same HP for mutants as the original game. Tier based armor and weapons remain, but armor damage/energy resistances had been halved to be in line with the original weapon damages. Special mutant weapon base damages had been halved too.

2) Re-Ballistic variant uses Supermutant HP values from the Re-Ballistic NPC Rebalancer, these are roughly 2x of Vanilla values.

3) Base variant is now a baseline, with Supermutant HP values roughly 3x of Vanilla.

4) Ultra variant is extremely hardcore, mutant HP is 6-10 times higher then Vanilla, these Supermutants feel very tough even with Re-Ballistic 2x wepon damage buff. 

Note: People who want actually see some heavy super mutant action inside the Glowing Sea (just like on my screenshots), there is another my plugin, that repopulate this area and turns it into warzone. Check it here:

General description:

The general idea of the mod was to make Supermutants more of the threat, as whey should be according to Fallout lore. Re-Ballistic Mod  ( double weapons damages resulting in more hardcore experience, however provided optional NPC Re balancer does not change super mutants accordingly, making them ridiculously underpowered in my opinion. To change the pace of this problem i've added more health to all supermutants (see the list below) and made them always wear body armor (at high levels they can carry heavy armor with up to 600 Dr/400 Er in non Vanilla versions). To make matters more complicated without making them too bullet spongy, i gave them some damage enhancement perks like Demolition Expert, Bashre e.t.c, and made them carry powerful weapons (including top level modded ones, like overcharged capacitor laser rifles). In vanilla game mutant armor DE/ER were ridiculous, so i changed this accordingly; Supermutants now have 6 Tiers of armor sets and weapons:


Mutant health depend on level of mutant (1-9) and mod variant. Details in table below.

Tier                1         2         3           4             5              6                7           8        9
Name          Grunt  Brute  Ranger  Infantry  Enforcer  Commando  Overlord  Master  Elite
Vanilla           120    200      275        375         550           625            750        950    1200
Re-Ballistic    240    400      600        800        1000         1100          1400       1600    2400
Base              360    600      825      1125        1650         1875          2250       2850    3600
Ultra           1125   1500    1875      2250        2625         3400          3800       4200    5000

Note: All legendary Supermutants will have x1.5 health.


Tier1: Chest harness (20/6 Dr/Er), waistcloth (10/4).
Tier2: Shoulder rags (40/15),  waistcloth (10/4), wrist wraps (15/6).
Tier3: Shogun armor (55/50), waistcloth (10/4), wrist wraps (15/6), cage helmet (15/10).
Tier4: Light armor (100/85), leg guards (30/25), arm guards (25/15), helmet (20/10).
Tier5: Cowl armor (200/145), leg guards (30/25), bracers (40/50), aviator cap (35/20).
Tier6: Heavy armor (330/200), leg armor (65/40), heavy gauntlets (60/30), bladed helmet (40/25).

Note: Vanilla variant of the mod had these Dr/Er values halved!


Tier1: Assault rifle/Laser rifle, Melee, frag grenades, 
Tier2: Assault rifle/Laser rifle, Melee, frag grenades, Missile Launcher/Minigun (specialized units).  
Tier3: Assault rifle/Laser rifle, Melee, frag grenades, Missile Launcher/Minigun (specialized units).  
Tier4: Blood horn/Mutant Laser rifle (low mods), Melee, frag grenades, Missile Launcher/Minigun/plasma grenades (specialized units).
Tier5: Blood horn/Mutant Laser rifle (med mods), Melee, plasma grenades, Missile Launcher/Minigun/nuka grenades (specialized units).
Tier6: Blood horn/Mutant Laser rifle (top mods), Melee, plasma grenades, Missile Launcher/Minigun/nuka grenades (specialized units).

Blood horn is slightly more powerful version of assault rifle with ~80 base damage (40 in Vanilla variant).
Mutant laser is slightly more powerful version of laser rifle with ~85 base damage (42 in Vanilla variant).
Note: Unfortunately, lack off appropriate animations does not allow mutants to equip other weapons then assault/hunting/laser rifles, minigun/missile launcher, grenades and melee hammer type weapons. So it is now impossible to give them plasma weapons, gatling laser, fat man, flamers and other stuff. Maybe some workaround will be found in the future, like in Fallout 3 mods. This two new weapons are reserved to have ability to fine tune mutant weapon damage to compensate if necessary. 


Tier1: Basher level 1, Big Leagues level 1 (specialized units).
Tier2: Basher level 2, Big Leagues level 3 (specialized units).
Tier3: Basher level 3, Big Leagues level 3-5 / Demolition Expert level 1 (specialized units).
Tier4: Basher level 4, Big Leagues level 3-5 / Demolition Expert level 2 (specialized units).
Tier5: Basher level 4, Big Leagues level 5 / Demolition Expert level 3 / Moving target 1-2 (specialized units).
Tier6: Basher level 4, Big Leagues level 5 / Demolition Expert level 4 / Moving target 2 / Rooted 1-2 (specialized units).

Note: Powerful perks like Rifleman, Heavy Gunner and Commando, Supermutants used in the first version of the mod had been removed, since their damage potential was too high. 

In total, Super mutants now have 9 Tiers:

1) Super Mutant Grunt: Tier 1 HP, 20/15 base Dr/Er, Tier 1 armor, total Dr/Er ~50/25, Wpn: Tier 1, Perks: Tier 1 
2) Super Mutant Brute: Tier 2 HP, 35/25 base Dr/Er, Tier 2 armor, total Dr/Er ~100/50, Wpn: Tier 2, Perks:  Tier 2
3) Super Mutant Ranger: Tier 3 HP, 50/30 base Dr/Er, Tier 3 armor, total Dr/Er ~150/100, Wpn: Tier 3, Perks: Tier 3
4) Super Mutant Infantry: Tier 4 HP, 75/40 base Dr/Er, Tier 4 armor, total Dr/Er ~250/175, Wpn: Tier 4, Perks: Tier 4
5) Super Mutant Enforcer: Tier 5 HP, 75/40 base Dr/Er, Tier 4 armor, total Dr/Er ~250/175, Wpn: Tier 4, Perks: Tier 4
6) Super Mutant Commando: Tier 6 HP, 85/50 base Dr/Er, Tier 5 armor, total Dr/Er ~400/280, Wpn: Tier 5, Perks: Tier 5
7) Super Mutant Overlord: Tier 7 HP, 85/50 base Dr/Er, Tier 5 armor, total Dr/Er ~400/280, Wpn: Tier 5, Perks: Tier 5
8) Super Mutant Master: Tier 8 HP, 105/60 base Dr/Er, Tier 6 armor, total Dr/Er ~600/400, Wpn: Tier 6, Perks: Tier 6
9) Super Mutant Elite: Tier 9 HP, 105/60 base Dr/Er, Tier 6 armor, total Dr/Er ~600/400, Wpn: Tier 6, Perks: Tier 6.

Legendary versions of Tiers 5-9 have special names: Black Mountain Mutant, Vault 87 Mutant, Attis Mutant, Unity Mutant and Mariposa Mutant. 
Note that all mentioned loadouts should be forced, so no longer Tier 6 mutant will wear rags or use some shitty pipe rifle. Mutants will be much more deadly now. However, if you look at the armor stats you will notice that mutants will have weak point - energy weapons, so use them!

Gameplay tips:

1) Use cover. Fortunately cover system is already provided by Bethesda, learn how to use it.
2) Don't be a hero! Play smart! Always think twice before attacking group of super mutants, figure out some kind of plan, or you will suffer.
3) Choose your combat environment carefully to block flanks and take advantageous position. Use mines to your advantage, use landscape obstacles.
4) Use jetpack defensively! Enemies getting you killed? Just jump to nearest unreachable roof, take cover and fight back.
5) Liberally use missiles to dispatch/weaken clustered enemies. Fire missiles in salvos!!!
6) Don't use VATS. It's ridiculous and total immersion breaker, especially with that godly VATS damage reduction. Play like the man.

For good hardcore/immersion i highly recommend to use my mod in combo with the following mods:

1. More Spawns by varx  (link:
2. Adjusted Encounter Zones by varx  (link:
3. Faster respawn rate for NPCs and loots Configurable by Lordn00ke (
4. Classic Power Armor Rebalance by Guapscotch (link:
5. Any undestructible power armor mod.
6. Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Garage by Worsin (link:

Important note:

Vanilla variant is the standalone plugin for the Vanilla game and does NOT require Re-Ballistic. 

My mod was originally made for use with normal variant Re-Ballistic - Realistic Weapons and Ammo Overhaul by Tomdboss ( and intended to use with his optional plugin: NPC reballcer.  

However Re-Ballistic contains some issues witch had not been fixed yet (problem with assault rifle ammo preventing NPC to use it, unchanged NPC melee damage, some unchanged weapon damages e.t.c), and some of it's rebalancer modifications are no good in my opinion (such as buffing health of nuisance flying bugs and mongrels, while retaining old health to deathclaw who dies from 1-2 plasma shots and so on). So i had to fix this issues personally, for that i provide two optional plugins: Reballistic Core Fixes and Modified NPC Reballacer. List of changes i've made:

Re-ballistic Core Fixes (requires original Re-Ballistic esp):

1) Fixed issue with assault rifle ammo leveled lists, now NCPs will use assault rifle as intended.
2) Modified melee damage of behemoth and deathclaw (~400-500 damage).
3) Damage of all grenade and missiles is doubled in line with overall ~2x damage increase in Re-Ballistic.
4) Modified perks: Toughness, Refractor, Moving Target, Rooted, Lifegiver to double DR/ER/HP bonuses, for them to still be useful with doubled Re-Ballistic damages. 
5) Modified legendary mod effects: Irradiated, Freezing, Explosive e.t.c to have double/triple damage bonus to be in line with Re-Ballistic damages.
6) Changed corresponding in game perk and legendary effect descriptions.

Improved Re-Ballistic NPC reballacer (standalone, does no require Re-Ballistic NPC rebalancer esp) :

1) No buffs to flybug, mongrel, guai health.
2) Doubled health of everything else, except human type enemies. Deathclaws buffed even more to remain formidable enemies.
3) Brotherhood soldiers health is increased to at least partially compensate for insane Re-Ballistic damages, increased health of vertibird.
4) Companion buffs of original Re-Ballistic optional plugin left unchanged.


Simply place mod ESP file and optional ESP's to Fallout 4 Data Folder, along with original Re-Ballistic mod ESP. Run Fallout4 Launcher, click exit, navigate to your User system folder e.g. "C:\Users\Engager\AppData\Local\Fallout4' and edit plugins.txt and DLC-List.txt you find there to include mod files in the following order:


Save files and launch the game. Enjoy.

Then upgrading from any previous version: remove old ESP, launch the game once, exit, place new version to the Data folder, and launch the game (this general procedure forces game to reload new plugin asset instead using old cached one).

If you want to also use recommended mods, i had mentioned earlier, use corresponding load order. Suggested load order is:

Worsin's Garage.esm
Worsin's Paint Garage - Complete Collection.esp
Classic Power Armor Rebalance - MAIN FILE.esp
Credits: Bethesda for the great Fallout game, Varx for the his excellent spawn mods, and TomdBoss for Re-Ballistic mod! FO4Edit team, especially Zilav, for help with the FO4edit!