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Fixes the problem where light bulbs receive power fine, but are extremely dim and dull white. Mesh replacer.

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PLEASE NOTE, THIS ONLY FIXES ONE LIGHT, THE HANGING BULB!  It is not a comprehensive fix for every light.  This bulb was the worst offender and the only light I had an issue with at the time.  I've had a lot of requests to do all of the vanilla lights + DLC + all of the workshop mods on the Nexus but there are literally hundreds if not more lamps, so I can't do them all, and it's hard to test when I can't repeat the problem.

This is a very simple mesh replacer to fix the problematic vanilla Workshop light bulbs.

There are numerous problems with lights in Fallout 4, but this one was particularly frustrating because it was NOT related to power.  In some areas, light bulbs, while receiving power and lighting up just fine will suddenly only emit an extremely dim, dull white light.  Many have said this happens for them at The Castle, and for me the problem areas were Tenpines Bluff and Greygarden.

The issue is -- as with previous Bethesda engines -- layers of blending effects will easily confuse the engine.  The default Workshop lightbulb has alpha transparency on the bulb glass, with an internal filament component -- which could never be seen in-game anyway, and made the light node glitch and not emit in certain viewing situations.

This simply removes the internals from the light bulb and sets appropriate values for the alpha channel.  The result is consistently working light bulbs.

: This is NOT the problem with light bulbs losing power and being stuck completely OFF.  That is a different problem where they lose power and are completely off, but when grabbing/moving them they turn back on.  The problem this mod fixes is more rare, in that they receive power and are ON but barely emit light.  See photos for example.

Hope this fixes the issue for some folks.  It was driving me insane and I spent 2 evenings to fix it so I could properly light my settlements.


- It's just a mesh replacer so make sure it gets into your /data/ folder, manually or via NMM

- Not compatible with mods that replace the light bulb mesh.  I will make patches upon request if need be.