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Adds collections to the Commonwealth! A compilation featuring 8 sets of Bobbleheads. 160 new items!

Permissions and credits
Bauble Bobble is a lore-friendly, balance-aware Fallout 4 mod compilation that adds collections to the Commonwealth!

After installation, you'll have 8 sets of bobbleheads to collect. (160 individual items!)

- Fixed the loot chance. (Now functioning as described below.)

- Added 1 new set of Bobbleheads, by AnTiWoMaAgNoT:
    - Vault Girl (SFW, V2)
- Bobblehead loot chance now rolls for each set. (You can find more than one at once, albeit unlikely, but not more than one from the same set at once.

- Added 3 new sets of Bobbleheads, by justice123:
    - Blonde Bobble Girl
    - Brunette Bobble Girl
    - Redhead Bobble Girl
- Added 3 new sets of Bobbleheads, by justice123, based on an outfit by DixiePig:
    - Blonde Slooty Bobble Girl
    - Brunette Slooty Bobble Girl
    - Redhead Slooty Bobble Girl
- Original bobbleheads provide statistical bonuses; new bobbleheads do not.
- Original bobbleheads have a base value of 300; new bobbleheads have a base value of 100.
- Original bobbleheads are unique, placed loot; new bobbleheads are non-unique, and have a 2% chance to appear in certain containers.
- Original bobbleheads are restored to Vault Boy default, but renamed for consistency.
- All bobbleheads can be placed on Bobblehead stands.

- If you have made a lore-friendly set of items you'd like included, PM me!
- If you would like to make Bobbleheads to be considered for inclusion, don't feel obligated to follow the perk scheme, just make good looking items.

- Bobble Girl (1.1+) by justice123
- Vault Girl Bobbleheads (2.0+) by AnTiWoMaAgNoT

Future versions: Remove all bobbleheads from stands before updating this mod, just to be cautious.

This mod is 99% compatible with Fallout 4 Loot Overhaul, except:
- F4LO post-war safes cannot contain new bobbleheads, unless possessed by raiders.
- F4LO pre-war safes can contain new bobbleheads, but retain the possibilty to contain pre-war money.

I am a brute-force mod author. I have no idea what I'm doing. Backup your saves. Use at your own risk.

- ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav, and Sharlikran -- FO4Edit
- justice123 -- Bobble Girl
- DixiePig -- Slooty Vault Suit
- AnTiWoMaAgNoT -- Vault Girl Bobbleheads
- Nintendo