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Be the trader you always wanted to be, sell your junk as shipments! Be the lazy one you always have been, purchase shipments at home!
Craftable and purchasable shipments of building materials, crops, beverages, raw meat, bone, weapons.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: I have redone the entire Shipment mod, and slightly modified the Weapon Shipments.

I have always wanted to roleplay as merchants and traders in previous Bethesda games without success due to the game mechanics.
Trading with crops and building materials weren't very profitable in vanilla Fallout 4 either. It is irreal that 1 adhesive for example worths 8 bottlecap, but a shipment of 25 has the value of 1000 Caps.
But it is impossible nomore.

Notes for 1.03
The previous method I used was a pain in the ass, and was based on unnecessary items and records. I have tried to cut those out and at the same time made it possible that you don't have to store the shipments you craft before crafting another, and also being able to "purchase" shipments.

Some expressions I will use hereinafter:
[MISC] Shipment: A shipment that is found under the MISC section instead of JUNK. It cannot be scrapped (therefore used to build), only be sold or converted.
Vanilla shipment: The ones that are found ingame and could be crafted in previous versions.
Quntity: The number of items it takes to craft the shipment.

Features that doesn't involve crafting
Added a "Shipment of Bone - 100" to the game. (both MISC and Vanilla)
2 "Shipment of Bone - 100" can be bought from Polly at Choice Chops, in Diamond City.

  • Shipment Management: Can be found along the other workbenches (Model: Vault desk); Building requirements: Cap Collector Rank 1 perk, 10 Steel500 Caps.
  • Weapon Shipment Management: Can be found along the other workbenches (Model: Wooden box); Building requirements: Cap Collector Rank 1 perk, 10 Wood500 Caps.

Shipment Management has 10 categories:
  • (1) BUY - SHIPMENTS: Here you can purchase (craft) every [MISC] Shipment. Crafting component: [MISC] Shipment base value + 50 Caps
  • (2) SHIPMENT - BEVERAGES: Here you can craft beverage [MISC] Shipments, Quantity: 25, Shipments were given values arbitrarily, List of drinks that can be made into shipments:Beer,Bourbon,Dirty Wastelander,Nuka Cherry,Nuka Cola,Nuka Cola Quantum,Refreshing Beverage,Rum,Vodka,Whiskey,Wine
  • (2) SHIPMENT - CROPS: Here you can craft crops [MISC] Shipments, Quantity: 25, Value: Vanilla, except Fresh Mutfruit shipment whose value was changed to match the value of the other fresh crops.
  • (2) SHIPMENT - JUNK: Here you can revert my [MISC] Shipments into the VANILLA SHIPMENT. (This way you don't have to store every crafted shipment before crafting the next. It also excludes the need for me to create (Junk) counterparts of the consumables.)
  • (2) SHIPMENT - MEAT: Here you can craft raw meat [MISC] Shipments, Quantity: 25, Value: Vanilla
  • (2) SHIPMENT - MISC: Here you can craft the basic building material [MISC] shipments. If you only want to sell them, you can stop after this. If you want to use them later to build, you have to convert them into vanilla shipments under the SHIPMENT - JUNK category.
  • (3) REVERT - BEVERAGES: Here you can revert [MISC] Shipments into 25 vanilla BEVERAGES.
  • (3) REVERT - CROPS: Here you can revert [MISC] Shipments into 25 vanilla CROPS.
  • (3) REVERT - MEAT: Here you can revert [MISC] Shipments into 10 vanilla MEATS.
  • (3) REVERT - MISC: Here you can revert [MISC] Shipments into vanilla crafting components.

Weapon Shipment Management has 2 categories (1.01):

- In order to be able to craft weapon shipments, you have to scrap the weapons, they should drop (junk) counterparts of themselves (they also drop their regular components) that can be crafted into shipments at the "Weapon Shipment Management" crafting station. 
- Shipments have the value of the weapon's base value x 25.
- "(Junk)s" weigh the same as the base weapon, but has no value. (1.01
- You will get random mods when reverting (Junk) weapon items into real weapons /You have been warned/.
- Weapon list:
  • .44 Revolver
  • 10mm Pistol
  • Assault Rifle
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Combat Rifle
  • Double-Barrel Shotgun
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Laser Weapon
  • Laser Musket
  • Pipe Weapon
  • Pipe Bolt-Action Weapon
  • Pipe Revolver
  • Plasma Weapon
  • Revolutionary Sword
  • Submachine Gun
  • Baseball Bat
  • Chinese Officer Sword
  • Combat Knife
  • Machete
  • Power Fist
  • Ripper
  • Shishkebab
  • Sledgehammer
  • Super Sledge

Shipments and Weapon Shipments are two standalone plugins, they can be used together and separately as well.
Notes before installing 1.03: the "xyz (Junk)" items from previous versions should be reverted back to normal ones, otherwise they will be lost.

Use NMM - Nexus Mod Manager.

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