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A recreation of the unused Vault 111 Jumpsuit from Fallout 76's Atomic Shop. Now available for free in the Commonwealth!

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This mod is a variation on my previous mod, Vanilla Tweaked Vault Suits, and uses the same gold trim and numbers. But this is no vanilla vault suit. As stated in the overview, this is a recreation of the Vault 111 Jumpsuit from Fallout 76. For those of you who don't know, the models and textures for the Fallout 4 vault suit still exists in 76's files. As far as I know, it ultimately went unused in the final game, but thumbnails for an Atomic Shop release show the suit underwent a noticeable redesign.

Using the FO76 textures as a reference, I've thoroughly altered the FO4 textures to recreate this alternate Vault 111 suit as accurately as possible. The result is a texture replacer for all vault suits, including skeletons and even recolors for Creation Club's Vault Suit Customization.

The mod has three files - the Main File is in 2k with every file you need. If you want 4k textures, download the 4k addon under Optional Files. You can also download support for Creation Club content under Optional Files. Both of these require the Main File to work properly.

Enjoy the mod!

 ajhakra's Cubemaps for the gold effect and SavrenX HD Vanilla Clothes for the basis of the textures.