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Synth Suit

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Thank you for all the people who supported my work

Google vtaw and you will find me

April 2024 small mod.


Main  file comes with Premade meshes those uses (Vtaw outfit V3, nude) body
 presets. Outfits are made with those body shapes they have no
 distortions, and have better shapes then bodyslides.
For bodyslides i  take premade meshes and downscale them to fit base CBBE body, this
 creates distortions, destroys the original shape of the outfit.

Shoes that come with my mod's has Full CBBE body uses Slot 33 (this replaces
 default body) and are used as a base for your outfits.

Body Presets are included with Bodyslides

For Physics Download or
Fastest way to get all items:
Fast material swaps:
High Heels System:

Items with V2, V3 are different versions of the same item: edited mesh to make it NSFW, removed parts, etc

1. Unpack the files into your Fallout 4 Data directory
2. Enable the "VtawSynthHMS.esp" plugin in your mod manager 


How To Get

1. Craftable at Chem Station under Vtaw SynthHMS  or  IN-GAME ESP Explorer  easy and fast way to get all the items.  

2. Swap materials at Armor Workbench or use for fast material swaps

Item list:
SynthHMS Helmet, V2, V3
SynthHMS Helmet Eyebrow
SynthHMS Armor
SynthHMS Shoulder Armor
SynthHMS Shoes
SynthHMS Outfit
SynthHMS BodySuit, V2
SynthHMS Arms