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Rad Ban Eyewear are back from Nuclear Devastation! Where the only real devastation is your current eyewear. Come in and check our new supply, only 200+ years old!

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Welcome to the Future of Eyewear!®

Nuka-Cola, the creators of the Worlds Greatest Soft Drink, pulled together some talented Fashionistas, Scientists and Radiation Specialists in 2076, to bring you a new line of eye-wear for you to glow in the Commonwealth.

In the unforeseen event of *ahem* Total Atomic Annihilation, The Rad-Ban lenses employ a Nuka-Tech® radiation application that produces a small field around the user, minimizing the effects of radiation. WOW! SCIENCE!

We have two models currently available, firstly, the Rad-Ban Sniper:


'For sun-soaked individuals who need to be sharp between the ears, as well as the eyes.'

Secondly, we have the Softshell SeriesFor you science-y nerd types that wander the Commonwealth, seeing all but two-feet in front of you; waiting for your next chance to split the atom!


This mod gives a much-needed boost to the eyewear in Fallout 4. Due to limited understanding of the inner workings of the game I've not *yet* been able to have these physically sit on the nose, but from some experiments, it does seem possible in the future.

As it's early stages, I'm interested to find out what faces these do and don't work well with; as far as clipping is concerned. I'm currently looking at CBBE's Outfit Studio as an end-user solution to customize the fit to your own character. Stay Tuned.


Standard installation, download with NMM and activate.
You can obtain these glasses in two ways:

They can be found in vendors around the Commonwealth, Fallon's Basement, for example, is known to barter exotic items.

Otherwise, open the console with ~ and type
help rad-ban 4

player.additem XXXX

(XXXX replaced by the IDs shown in the console)

If you want multiple of the same, just add a number at the end. (player.additem XXXX 2)

Don't ask me to make them craftable; It makes no sense that someone with a rusty hammer and some duct tape could make these glasses. You're not MacGyver, don't be silly.

[Planned updates]
First-Person sunglass tinting
Update to the collision model

1.0 Redone Softshell textures, adds silver/blue Snipers. Vendor prices have been raised/balanced.
0.86Beta adds the new Gold/Black Snipers and fixes occlusion on the Softshell lenses.
0.85B Added Legendary slot, slight adjustment to the male sniper earfit, Added AWKCS requirement.
0.83B Initial Release


Model, Textures, materials, and everything by Cedaie. (Why am I crediting myself?)
B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7
FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha by ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran
Material Editor by ousnius
Nifskope 2.0.dev4 by jonwd7
Thanks to Valdacil and Gambit77 for AWKCR

Thanks to DogtoothCG for his pro help in a few tricky NIF dramas.
Also, to Worsin for help with Materials, BGSM's and all that good stuff.
Thanks to imAarwyn for endless giggles :D Yeah I put you in credits, deal with it or FITE ME!
AHoboPanda for testing and being demanding about getting in credits :D
Shout out to everyone in Nexus Chat, where I am now known as "That glasses guy" .. do not want D:

[My other mods]

Rad-Bans is my first proper release for any game, besides the mod below which is just a glorified save-game. :P

For extra interest. Yes, it's true.. I'm a bit of a Depp fan, the Sniper sunglasses are based off the Rayban Shooters that he wore in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The Softshells are based off the Oliver People's Sheldrakes, which I personally own and a similar style that he wears.