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Makes all vanilla paintings craftable: Abstract paintings, Institute paintings, Pickman's Gallery paintings, museum portraits, and a few previously un-craftable generic paintings.

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This mod simply enables crafting for all vanilla paintings, without any known conflicts. No artwork has been added or replaced.

  • 23 Abstract paintings
  • 20 Institute paintings
  • 12 Pickman's Gallery paintings
  • 8 Museum portraits
  • 4 previously un-craftable generic paintings
  • 3 Cabot portraits (available immediately, without having to complete the quest)


There are no known compatibility issues.
Since no new keywords were added, it works with Settlement Keywords (SK).
Art Gallery is a great resource for painting replacement modders who want more paintings to work with, such as:

For craftable vanilla posters, I recommend Signs of the Times by Gruffydd.


Despite my best efforts, I could never get Institute paintings to work, and had pretty much given up, until VIitS fixed them, and made this mod actually do what it claimed to. Thank you VlitS!! Also thanks to Purfael, who was kind enough to give me permission to use his Institute Paintings mod before I saw the VlitS fix. If anyone wants JUST institute paintings, use his mod. NEXUS community rules!