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A comprehensive addon of Ozzy's MW2022/MW2023 port of the Tactique Verte Platform with various fixes, additional attachments, and Side Aim functionality. Customize your favorite Belgian rifles with even more toys and aim them with style.

Permissions and credits
***Make sure you have loose files enabled.***

 (recommended STS-SA Compatibility by ShortBarrelRaifu)

MW2022/MW2023 Tactique Verte Platform
General Fixes
  • Unified Optics between all guns- Unified Foregrips (formerly Lower Rail) between all guns
  • Unified Grips between all guns
  • Unified Stocks between all guns
  • Unified Muzzles between Taq-V and Taq-M
  • Fixed Misc. Items
  • Added crafting costs to various attachments

Expanded Customization:
  • Added Upper Rail accessory slot between all guns
  • Added Left Rail accessory slot between all guns (requires Vertical Foregrip on Taq-V)
  • Added Right Rail accessory slot between all guns (requires Angled or Vertical Foregrip on Taq-V)
  • Added Lower Rail accessory slot between Taq-56 and Taq-M
  • Ability to turn on/off each rail laser accessory
  • Ability to change position of rail accessories on Taq-M
  • Added Canted Optic slot between all guns
  • 8 additional Sight options on all guns
  • 2 additional Mag options on Taq-56

Side Aim Framework Patch
  • Custom canted animations (compatible with Canted Optics)
  • Custom fire selector animations for Taq-56 and Taq-V
  • Single Fire animations for Taq-56 and Taq-V
  • All foregrips supported

  • Compatible with Tactical Reload patch

Side Aim Framework download location:

  • Ozzy for the MW2022/MW2023 Tactique Verte Platform port
  • Activision, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer for the original animations
  • 西飞力(Xi Fei Li) for creating Side Aim Framework and Broodahood for hosting it in his server
  • Altyn Guy for some screenshots

Tools Used:
  • FO4Edit/xEdit
  • Nifskope
  • Blender (with PyNifly plugin)
  • Audacity
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 (with Havok Content Tools 2014 and Nif-tools Max Plugin)

Let me know if you encounter any problems and I'll try to address them.